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[100% Fix] Is Windows nearby share not working ??

Windows 10 already has a nearby feature by default but it is not working on most other devices due to several reasons. So here I have compiled two solutions that will work 100%.

Don’t forget to check out method 2 because this is the ultimate solution anyone can have in their windows device.

Method 1:Troubleshooting Windows

If Nearby Share is not working on your Windows device, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue:

windows nearby share not working
  1. Check compatibility: Ensure that your device meets the system requirements for Nearby Share. It is available on Windows 10 version 1803 or later.
  2. Enable Nearby Share: Go to Settings > System > Shared experiences and make sure that “Nearby sharing” is turned on.
  3. Check Bluetooth settings: Nearby Share uses Bluetooth to discover nearby devices. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both your device and the device you want to share files with. Also, ensure that both devices are paired.
  4. Update Windows: Ensure that your Windows operating system is up to date. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and check for any available updates. Install them if there are any.
  5. Restart devices: Try restarting both your Windows device and the device you are trying to share files with. This can often resolve temporary glitches or connectivity issues.
  6. Disable third-party software: If you have any third-party antivirus or firewall software installed, temporarily disable them and check if Nearby Share starts working. Sometimes, these applications can interfere with the feature.
  7. Reset Nearby Share settings: Go to Settings > System > Shared experiences and click on “Reset” under the Nearby Share section. This will reset the feature to its default settings, and you can try configuring it again.
  8. Check proximity and visibility: Ensure that the devices you are trying to share files between are within close proximity and have their Bluetooth visibility turned on.
  9. Try different file types: Test Nearby Share with different types of files to see if the issue is specific to certain file formats. Some file types might not be supported by Nearby Share.
  10. Contact Microsoft Support: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it may be worth contacting Microsoft Support for further assistance. They can provide specific guidance based on your device and Windows version.

Remember to double-check your device’s compatibility and ensure that Nearby Share is supported on your specific Windows version.

If the above troubleshooting doesn’t work then here is the best solution which I can guarantee that, it will work 100% in any Windows device.

Method 2: Nearby app by Google Android

This is the best method when your inbuilt nearby is not working. This is a Windows application that is still in the beta phase and was developed by android.com.

To get started with this you just have to download the nearby app from android.com and install it on your Windows device. And now you are all set to go.

Use the same email ID on both Windows and Android to login in this application. Once you are logged in, your device will be synced automatically and an effortless transfer will happen.


As per my experience if your Windows nearby share not working, then the troubleshooting method also doesn’t help. It is very rare that troubleshooting actually helps and especially if you are using the pirated version of Windows. So it is better to install it nearby and go with it.

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