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7 Best Tools for Social Media Promotion

Social media has become a powerful platform for business and brand promotion. Strategic social media marketing helps in increasing the product or brand awareness amongst the target audience. The huge web of social media users is the key ingredient to increasing engagement through promotions. 

The process of social media marketing has simplified and automated with the best social media marketing tools. These tools play a pivotal role in increasing reach and business growth. Whether it is a video, a branded written content, or promotion of a product, the right tools help optimize social media automation and management efficiently. 

What Exactly are Social Media Marketing and Promotion Tools? 

Social media marketing tools are technology software that promotes brands or products on different social media platforms. These majorly include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Social media tools are developed with integrated AI technology that analyzes and studies human behavior and pattern. With machine learning and algorithms, these tools help design customized campaigns for attracting potential clients and customers. 

  • These tools have features for high level automation. The embedded technology helps in automating the content and generating positive leads online. Lead generation helps in increasing sales.  
  • These social media promotion tools help in effortless management of multiple social media pages. 
  • These tools help in scheduling social media posts in advance. You can schedule posts to social media by analyzing the best engagement timing without being online 24×7. 
  • These tools are indispensable for excellent customer support. Some tools save conversation history with customers, thus making it easier for the team to engage better. 
  • These tools help in keeping track of the brand or product mentions online. It gives a better insight to the positive or negative reviews. 

Seven  Top Social Media Promotion Tools for Better Online Marketing

Social media campaigns have played a large role in branding and product marketing. Now, anyone can automate tasks and strategize social media marketing with these seven powerful tools. These tools help in content promotion on time to the right audience to bring in positive results.

  • AgoraPulse 

This social media management tool helps in managing all social media accounts easily and effortlessly. It allows you to schedule publishing posts on social media in advance, targeting a specific audience in peak engagement time. There is no limit to the number of posts you can schedule. This arrangement of advance scheduling helps in increasing the website traffic from social media platforms. You can add multiple team members to schedule posts, respond to queries, and categorize posts. 

  • Tailwind 

It is one of the best scheduling and analytical tools for scheduling posts on Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest helps in driving massive traffic when used to its full potential. Tailwind is an impressive tool that supports Pinterest scheduling and allows users to create multiple pins in a click. The in-built ‘Smart Scheduling’ feature helps in identifying the best time for publishing a post. The tool helps with automatic pinning on Pinterest by analyzing the best time that gives better engagement, traffic, and overall reach. The tool even provides suggestions for hashtags for better reach. It provides complete analytics to see user engagement and reach. 

  • InVideo

It is one of the best and easy to use visual social media promotion tools for visual marketing. InVideo helps to create stunning videos for developing visually attractive marketing campaigns. Videos are a more attractive marketing tool as compared to other media content. You can create engaging videos by using in-built templates and tools to increase conversion rates and sales. Here, it is easy to create appealing visual content, download it, and post on social media. The campaign management tools help in scheduling and tracking the campaigns. 

  • SEMrush 

This is a comprehensive all in one social media promotion tool designed intelligently for maximum return on investment. The tool schedules posts to all the social media platforms and allows posting to five platforms at one time. It is an incredible tool to schedule, automate the post, and track the content performance. The strong in-built analytics helps track the best performing posts and analyze the overall performance of all posts on social media. 

  • Hootsuite

The tools help in managing all the social media pages and accounts from a single point. It is one of the most recommended tools for keyword research and helps with the generation of leads. It is compatible with all the social media platforms. It helps in bringing down and managing all the social media platforms from the Hootsuite dashboard. It allows scheduling up to 100 posts on different social media platforms at once. This tool is one of the best content scheduling and data management tools. It helps in even tracking content performance and engagement.

  • Sprout Social 

This tool helps in establishing a strong relationship and communication on social media. All in all, it is a social media management tool that helps reach the target audience through right engagement. Its in-built feature allows users to organize, schedule, and publish posts on multiple social media platforms. It gives a complete insight and understanding of the audience and develops relatable marketing campaigns. Get all messages or comments in one single inbox from all the social media platforms for better management. The analytics dashboard helps in understanding customer engagement.

  • SocialOomph 

The tools help in increasing the overall social media productivity through post scheduling and automation. This is a popular tool used by businesses to manage posts across all social media platforms. This helps in increasing user engagement. The tool helps you in automating the post and shares for higher visibility on social media. It helps with precise post scheduling, bulk content uploading across social media and blogs, and even schedule self-destruction of outdated posts. 


Social media is a powerful platform for promoting a business, product, or brand. The strategic campaigns and consistent content sharing on social media help in better lead conversion and sales. You can check this guide to know how brands use social media strategies to promote themselves. These tools can level up your social media marketing game and reach the target audience.

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