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Adobe Lightroom adds Video editing functionality too

Adobe today announced the ability to edit videos in the app itself which is a major update apart from other updates. Lightroom is an image organization and manipulation tool which is widely used by photographers. Although Lightroom won’t be a competitor to the competitor apps like Premiere Pro, Adobe rush, etc. that will incorporate only basic editing tools.

Users can adjust the lighting, color, and preset of a video. The tool also lets users trim the video. Lightroom’s image presets will also work for videos. These video editing tools won’t make Lightroom a video editor. So, Lightroom won’t replace Premiere Pro or any other video editing tool.

The software lets you use presets and other features of the Lightroom on video too. The video editing is quite a good addition which lets explore new opportunities for the users.

You now also have Adaptive Presets and Masks that only apply to selected parts of a photo. The company is also adding several new premium presets.

Lightroom is also getting a new AI-powered red-eye removal tool that automatically detects red eyes and fixes them with a single click. The company has also added a Compare View to compare images side by side.

The support for videos is now available in Lightroom for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Nitesh Rajput
Nitesh Rajput
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