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Airtel launches all in one Plan called Airtel Black

With the growing demand for internet & telecom services as most of the users are adopting work from home. To garner this opportunity Airtel has come up with an all-in-one plan which will provide 2 or more services with combined bill payment and many more.

Airtel Black All-in-One Plans Launched in India

Airtel black is basically a combined plan where they offer two or more services in one plan. Airtel Black lets you combine not only YOUR services but also those of your family and friends under a single bill.

Airtel Black users have access to a dedicated relationship team with handpicked experts who will pick up your call in 60 seconds or call back to solve all your problems. with Airtel Black, you can combine your existing plans with new services, and make your own plan suited to your needs.

Not only this you get free lifetime customer support, along with zero switching and installation costs. This plan also lets you bundle the Xstream Box at no additional cost (will require an Rs. 1,500 security deposit), enabling you to enjoy OTT services and satellite TV channels with ease.


airtel black

Airtel Black Plan Details

Now, you can go about accessing Airtel Black in two ways. You can either append your existing postpaid mobile or Fiber plan with other services to convert it into a single bill Black plan. Or, you can choose a fixed-bundle plan, which starts for as low as Rs. 998/ month, depending on your needs.

The fixed-bundle Airtel Black plans include an all-in-one offering for Rs. 2,099/ month, 3x mobile connections + Fiber plan for Rs. 1,598/ month, DTH + 3x mobile connections plan for Rs. 1,349/ month, and finally, a Rs. 998/ month plan for DTH + 2x mobile connection plan in India. You can see the complete details right here:

airtel black

To learn more about Airtel Black, how to add accounts or services under this plan, and handle the payments, head over to the official FAQ page right here. So, would you get Airtel Black plan? Or will you stick to your existing, distributed mobile, broadband, and other services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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