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Ajio hacks to get upto 40% discount without any delivery charges

Ajio is one of the 45 subsidiaries of the Reliance Retail industry. This is a well-known fashion eCommerce Store that has competitors of Myntra, Flipkart, Meesho Amazon, etc. Most people already know that AJio provides quality products at a decent price range. Although Very few people know that Ajio provides discounts and free deliveries if you know how to use an Ajio hack.

Before you think that, this article is a scam let me just show you some of the screenshots.  which I have taken when I ordered products at dirt low price point without paying a single penny for delivery charges at Ajio.

ajio hacks

This screenshot shows that the product was priced at Rs.587 but I managed to order it at Rs. 363. So, how did I manage to do, that the bigger question is how can you do that??

What I am going to do is to explain a very simple method for new hacks which I do to get products at a cheaper price and you can do this as well.

Ajio hacks to get products at a cheaper rate

I am going to tell you the best possible way to get products at the cheapest price on Ajio. So each & everything is important. To make things easier I have divided it into two steps so that it would be easier to go through.

Step 1:

The first step is to search best-discounted deal. Obviously, Ajio won’t tell you personally. So here is the quick tip, first join this Telegram channel which literally gives you the best deal which is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Tatacliq, Myntra, and many more.

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Step 2: Now go to Ajio.com and add the product to the cart.

Let’s say you have added the below product which is costing Rs. 587. Next, see the section below to the price where it says that you can get the product at Rs. 364. And that is 38% off but only if you are doing a purchase of 2490.


Ajio hacks

Step 3:

Tap on “view all products”(blue underline); add some new products and make card value more than 2490. So now we are eligible for getting that 38% off on this current product.

Step 4: next proceed to the checkout page and apply the 38% off code. Make sure that the payment mode is only on cash on delivery(COD) mode. This COD is very much crucial because in the further step you have to cancel the other products which you have added to make the cart value of 2490.

Step 5: Once the order is confirmed, cancel all the other orders which you are not intended to buy. And after canceling all other orders, once you check the value of the product which you want to buy it shows 38% off the price.

That’s it you have got your product at the highest possible discount and absolutely free home delivery. So this is the Ajio hack that I use to get my product at a cheap rate and I would love to know what is your hack for any eCommerce website. if you have any such hack then we will feature you on our website.

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