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Apple introduces ‘Lockdown Mode’ to safeguard iPhone users

Apple always gives first priority to security over anything in their smart devices. With the iOS 16 beta update, Apple has added an extra layer of security which comes under the name of “lockdown mode”.This new Lockdown Mode promises to protect the phone from targeted spyware attacks such as Pegasus. As the name suggests, the mode limits various features in a bid to improve the security of almost all Apple devices.

currently, lockdown mode promises to provide protections for messages, web browsing, wired connections, configuration profiles, and Apple services like FaceTime. This is a kind of protection cover with shields your device against external attacks thereby many of the features will not work as long as lockdown mode is activated.

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lockdown mode

Once enabled, this mode will block most of the messages with attachment types excluding images, even you will also miss out on link previews on messages. The company claims that Lockdown Mode protects against NSO Group and other state-sponsored mercenary spyware. In recent years, we have heard about spyware that hacks devices to read messages, call logs, download photos, record the device’s microphone and phone calls, take photos using the phone’s camera, and track the phone’s location.

Apple has also launched a new security bounty program with up to $2,000,000 rewards for researchers who manage to bypass Lockdown mode. So they aim to make it more powerful day by day.

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