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Auto Delete Messages on Telegram: New Update

With Whatsapp’s controversial privacy policy, some apps such as Signal & Telegram have gained massive popularity. With over 500million plus downloads, Telegram has gained popularity due to the constant addition of innovative features.

This time Telegram has brought the most awaited auto delete messages feature. The feature has already been introduced to other messenger applications such as Whatsapp, Signal, etc.

What is Auto Delete Messages Feature?

Some conversations are meant to be deleted which is why the auto-delete feature is being rolled out for all Telegram users. Auto delete messages feature lets you delete the chats in the group, channel, or group. The auto-delete feature was introduced way back in 2013 with secret chats. Starting today, you can enable an auto-delete timer in all Telegram chats, which will automatically erase messages for all participants either 24 hours or 7 days after sending.

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Auto delete timer will delete all past messages after a specified time period. This feature will delete only those messages from the time it was enabled.

Unlike in Secret Chats, the countdown starts when messages are sent, not read. So even if messages sent not received will delete after the set time period. For now, there are only two options to select from 24h or 7 days.

How to Enable Auto Delete Messages on Android

auto delete message

To enable the timer on Android, first, update the Telegram app and then tap ⋮ > Clear History then choose a duration from 24h or 7days. Once after enabling this feature, you will receive a notification and the person in your chat will also receive the same notification.

Simultaneously the display picture will also be modified with the duration. If you tap on the sent messages after enabling this feature will show the time left to delete the selected chat. And you can disable this feature anytime before messages got deleted.

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