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Top 5 Best Drawing Apps for Android

In this digital era of smart screens, people are not limited to the conventional drawing media. Many of the professional painters have already made their way to the digital screens. while most of the time people draw on tablets due to its larger screen size. Although its always comfortable to draw on a larger screen. But keeping in mind the size of smartphones nowadays, you can also draw comfortably on smartphones.

If you have a device with a stylus, it will give you a better drawing experience. There are several drawing apps on the Google Play Store where you can create stunning drawings. In this article, I have listed the best drawing apps. Make sure you try all of it and choose whichever best suits you.

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 1.  SketchBook – Draw and Paint

This is one of the most trusted and best drawing app on the play store. This app requires considerable CPI and GPU power. So if you have a smartphone with a good processor that means you can have a better edge over others. If your Android phone supports a stylus, you will enjoy the app.

The UI is clean which makes it easy to draw. You can make detailed illustrations with a dizzying array of customizable brushes. There is also an option to scan your own line art. You can produce your line art into a time-lapse movie to showcase or share with others. This app also posses a unique feature to smooth out bumpy lines and imperfect lines with precision tools like predictive stroke. You can also export your edited files in PSD format.

Download: Sketch Book (Free)

 2.  Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe has become the epitome of digital drawing like most of the digital creators trust in adobe products. company has launched Adobe Illustrator Draw where you can draw vectors and sketch. It features a simple interface, intuitive gesture mechanics, and a comprehensive feature list. The app is really easy to use, which comes with 5 different types of pens and pencils to use in sketching and drawing. You can also adjust size, opacity, and color.

Since this makes vector art, images are crisp and clear. And as an official Adobe app, you can seamlessly transfer sketches or finished products into Adobe Illustrator to continue working. From layering to sketching to painting, this app has it all. And obviously being an adobe app you can export files in PSD format.

Download: Adobe Illustrator Draw (Free)

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 3.  Art Flow

ArtFlow is one of the more in-depth best drawing apps available on playstore. Its main claim to fame is the ridiculous number of brushes it provides. You can use one of the 70 brush, smudge, and other tools to make your artwork shine. With everything ArtFlow has to offer, you won’t believe it’s free.

The free option only allows you to save art as either a JPEG or PNG. The Pro version, however, allows PSD format exports so you can continue working on your desktop.

Download: ArtFlow (Free, premium version available)

 4.  Paper Color

best drawing apps

PaperColor (formerly PaperDraw) is one of those best drawing apps which focusses more on realistic art. This app is best suitable for doodle, graffiti,  drawing, etc. Like other applications, it also features different style paintbrushes and a cloud library which helps you to create perfect artwork.

What makes this app different from other applications is its, tracing feature. You can import any image/sketch and then make it translucent to trace. This is quite helpful when you want to start from a rough sketch on paper. It’s a lot of fun to use, especially if you’re an amateur. It’s free to download and you can unlock additional features with in-app purchases.

Download: Paper Color (Free)

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 5.  SketchOne

best drawing apps

SketchOne is a creative drawing & painting app with a community function. This app presents you with various topics to create your own masterpieces. This app lets you playback the painting process of every doodle in the community. This makes it very easy to learn from other people’s techniques. This app is very engaging because of the community features. The community will praise you for your good work which encourages you to bring your creative ideas.

Final Words

These apps the best drawing apps which we have handpicked. These apps do their task perfectly and keep you creative corner satisfied anywhere. If you have any better apps which you think can find a place here in our list then, comment below. We will try to review and update on our list.


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