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Now Book an Uber Cab Using Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most downloaded and used messaging service in the world. Meta owned Whatsapp is doing more than just messaging. You must have noticed slowly many companies are becoming WhatsApp business partners and providing service through WhatsApp messaging chatbots.

Whatsapp chatbots are designed to perform certain set tasks defined by the registered companies. This is getting very much popular since it removes the dependency on the other app. Such as if you have Tatasky, cred, or Bajaj Allianz WhatsApp chatbot then you don’t need a separate app for these. Almost all your tasks can be performed by these absolutely smart chatbots. And every day these chatbots are getting smarter with evergrowing AI.

Now Uber, a leading global cab service has partnered with WhatsApp to bring a chatbot for cab booking. Riders will no longer need to download or use the Uber app. Everything from user registration, booking a ride, and getting a trip receipt will be managed within the WhatsApp chat interface.

This integration, a global-first for Uber, is rolling out first in Lucknow. They will then introduce it to users in New Delhi followed by India-wide next year.

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So how to book an Uber cab using Whatsapp?

There are three ways in which users can book an Uber ride:-

  1. messaging to Uber’s business account number
  2. scanning a QR code
  3. or clicking a link directly to open an Uber WhatsApp chat.

Next, they will be asked to enter the pickup and drop-off location. Riders get the same safety features and insurance protections as those who book trips via the Uber app directly. They will be informed of the name of the driver and license plate of the driver on booking; be able to track the location of the driver en route to the pickup point and be able to speak to the driver anonymously using a masked number.

In case of an emergency, people can type “help” and select the emergency option. Following this, they would get a call from Uber customer care to talk about the concern. Users can also get access to a safety line for 30 minutes after the ride is completed.

Currently, this option to book a ride via WhatsApp will only be available in the English language but it will be expanded to other Indian languages soon. Additionally, the service is available to both new and existing users who registered with only a phone number on Uber. So if you are in Lucknow, go ahead and try it out to book cabs without using the dedicated app.

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