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Anyone Can Create Telegram Bot With Advanced Features

Telegram Bots are made using different programming languages such as python, javascript. So it restricts many users from developing bots by themselves if they don’t have knowledge of programming.

But bot developers are very smart so they have developed a unique method. This process lets you create a new bot with the help of an existing bot. Not to mention that these bots are provided with limited usage access & settings. Through this article, you will understand to create a basic feedback bot by menu Builder bot.

Note: If you have basic programming knowhow then you can jump into this article. Where you can learn step by step tutorial for telegram bot creation

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Create Telegram Bot Using MenuBuilder Bot

The process to create a telegram bot involves two steps. In this procedure, you have to first create a bot and then link that bot with MenuBuilderBot.

Create Your own bot using Botfather

Step 1: Search for Botfatherbot and make sure that the official blue tick is there. This is an official telegram bot and there are many fake bots so must check for a blue tick before adding.

Step 2: Type command /newbot ad follow the onboard instructions to create a new bot.

Step 3: After the bot is created you will receive a congratulation message along with the API key. So you just have to Copy that API key for the future.

Add Bot to the MenuBuilderBot

Step 1: Open Telegram App and search menu Builder bot in the search box

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Step 2: Press start and select the preferred language and then press the Manage Bots button from the menu list.

Step 3: Next add +Add Menu-Bot button and paste the API key from step 3. You will get the confirmation message “Your KEY is accepted!”. From there on all the processes will be done in the bot you created through Botfather.

Setup Bot Start Message

Step 1: Now go to your bot and press start which brings the same interface as it was in MenuBuilderBot. From the list of buttons goto Admin> Message for START and type a message which you want to appear on the user screen when he presses the Start button.

create telegram bot

Step 2: Once the message is sent, press the save button to save the message in the bot memory. Now if any user presses the Start button then he will receive the message you saved just now.

Setup Bot Button Menu

Step 1: Press the Exit Admin button and then jump to Button Editor. Press +Add Button and enter the name of the button then hit enter. For example, my button name is Movies.

Step 2: You will see the button created [Movies], now select that button, and then go to the Post Editor button.

Step 3: There you can Add Message or Add Question, the message can be anything from a text message to any image, document, or file. You can also forward messages (text, image, document etc.) to this bot after pressing the Add Message button.

Step 4: You can add multiple messages to a single button by pressing Add Message. Then press the Stop Editor button to save the process.

Step 5: Now if you want to add more button then repeat the process and you are good to go.

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Edit or Delete Bot Button Menu

Step 1: If you want to edit or delete the button which you created earlier then you have to repeat the process.

Step 2: Press +Add Button and enter the name of the button then hit enter. For example, my button name is Movies.

Step 3: Now select that button[Movies], and then go to the Post Editor button.

create telegram bot

Step 4: You will get an option to Replace, Add & Delete messages. So this is how you can edit any button at any time.

Final Thoughts

Using MenuBuilderBot you can create telegram bot with many sophisticated menus which is a matter of exploration. Obviously this process is a little bit lengthy which might be difficult and some times confusing for many users. So if you have any doubt related to this article then you are welcome to comment here.

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