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This website can Replace Canva for Free !!

We have all used canva.com for creating awesome designs using its free features. Canva-free features are no doubt one of the best ways to get started with your design journey. But to bring your design to the next level, it requires a premium subscription which is way costly for beginners. There are ways to use premium features on referral basic but that doesn’t long last too.

But what if I say that you can get all these features for absolutely free. Yeah, you heard it right, you can use canva premium features for free. If you are interested then read this below article.

Go to this website and check out the interface which exactly resembles the canva. Also, there is no need to signup so you can start editing right away. But why it is free? how does it earn? So it works on a different model to earn money. It offers to sell its API support which fetch them a good sum of money. For ex, you want to use its services inside your business app then you need to pay then depending on the number of services you want to access inside your app.

But if you are an individual user then there are absolutely no restrictions on using this app.

Canva for Free

On the left side you can see the tool panels and the middle shows the canvas. You get beautiful templates here for free and also provide the support of layers which makes the editing process smoother.

Finally when you are done with the editing flow then download the whole image in any image format with the maximum resolution possible.

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