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Dark mode for Whatsapp: How to get Dark Mode on Whatsapp Web

The dark mode is officially here with android 10 update, and now every app is being updated with dark mode support. The dark mode is a new trend, but WhatsApp is not going to update it with dark mode soon. But Dark mode in WhatsApp web can be enabled with a simple trick. Many people prefer to use WhatsApp on the web also when they are using a computer/laptop.

This is a very simple trick to get WhatsApp dark mode. To enable dark mode, there are some basic requirements which you must fulfil. First, you need to have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Second, it must be updated with the latest version. And, finally, you will have to download & install stylus extension/addon.

Steps to get Whatsapp Dark Mode

Step: 1

Download and install Stylus from the below link for chrome and firefox respectively.

Chrome Extension

Developer: stylus.openstyles
Price: Free

Firefox Addon

Price: Free

Step: 2

Now you have to download a supported theme for WhatsApp. Go to this link to install the dark theme for WhatsApp. Here on this website, themes for other social networking sites like youtube, Facebook,  Yahoo, Amazon, Quora, etc., can also be found. If you are interested in experimenting with the looks, then you must visit this site.


Whatsapp dark mode

Step 3:

The interface will look like this after enabling the Dark Theme. Not only a dark theme, but you can install any theme you like from the website. What if you don’t like the theme? Don’t worry; there is an easy way to do that. Go to the top right corner and click the extension icon. Then, deselect the theme, and you are good to go.

Whatsapp dark mode

Final words

Though it is not the official support for Dark Theme, it serves our purpose. Currently, support is only for chromium & Firefox-based browsers. Did you like the article? Do you think the article should be improved? Comment below your thoughts.

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