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How to Delete/Unsend Sent Mail from Gmail

Google Gmail has announced the confidential mode feature last year which lets you send to delete sent mail from Gmail. This feature is available for every user.

The confidential mode won’t let the receiver forward, copy, print, or download the email. You can set the expiration date for send mail from 1 week to 5 years which comes in handy when the mail is confidential. To add the second step of security confidential mode lets you set SMS passcode before opening the mail.

In the below article you will understand how to delete sent mail from Gmail.

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How to delete sent mail from Gmail

To set up a confidential mode first go to the compose mail, below the mailbox you can see the lock icon. It’s a tiny lock with a clock on it.

Hit on the lock icon to open the confidential mode where you get several options.

How to delete sent mail from gmail

From the dropdown menu select the expiration duration as set by Google. as of now, you can’t set a specific date of expiration.

Then you can password protect the mail with the OTP which receiver receives through SMS. This process makes mail ever more secure. There can be several reasons to use confidential mode.

Now the email will automatically delete itself after your predetermined self-destruction time period ends. Recipients can open the email until then, which means the clock starts right when you send it, not when they open it.

This mode restricts the recipient from forwarding, copying, printing & downloading this mail. But remember the recipient can still take the screenshot of the mail.

Also, if you want to revoke access sooner, you can do that by opening Gmail, selecting “Sent,” opening the confidential email you just sent, and then selecting “remove access.”

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