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How to download music from SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the leading music streaming websites to keep updated with new music and artists. Now is the time of streaming music and very rarely we require to download for offline use. But there might be some rare occasions such as for using it in video background, or as a ringtone, etc.

Well, Soundcloud allows downloading only when enabled by the artist and the process is very straightforward. But most of the popular music available on the platform is not available to download.

So there is an unofficial method too which you can use to download songs. Official methods don’t give you the right to use it commercially So, beware of this fact. Also ethically it is wrong to use someone’s intellectual property without the artist’s consent. Also, there are many artists who make living by this. With all that being said let’s understand how to download music from SoundCloud.

How to download music from SoundCloud

As I have already mentioned that there are both official and unofficial methods to download music from SoundCloud but with limitations. Let’s start with the official method first.

Download from Soundcloud (Official Method)

To download an artist-sanctioned song from SoundCloud go through the below step-by-step process.

download music from SoundCloud

Step 1: Log in to the SoundCloud website and go to the music you want to play

Step 2: Click on the (…) dots beside any song and click on the “download file”

Note: You might not see the download file option if it is disabled by the artist.

Step 3: Now download the file to your preferred location.

Step 4: This method will work in mobile also if the website is opened in desktop mode.

Download from Soundcloud (UnOfficial Method)

Not all tracks on Soundcloud have download buttons, unfortunately. But there is another way to save songs if you can’t do it locally from SoundCloud. This method involves running the URL through an online extractor. The extractor tool lets you retrieve the audio file from the firm’s server.

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Before going through the stepwise process, you must keep in mind that piracy is illegal. you should only use this guide for freely offered music. Our intention is not to support illicit acts of any kind. This method is shared in the interest of helping honest and law-abiding citizens to download their favorite free-to-listen music for offline use.

Keeping that in mind let’s dive into the process:-

download music from SoundCloud

Step 1: Log in to the SoundCloud website and go to the music you want to play

Step 2: Click on the (…) dots beside any song and click on the “Copy Link”

Step 3: Head over to the KlickAud website

Step 4: Paste the URL and hit the “Convert” button

Step 5: Once the file is converted you will get a “Convert” button. Click on the download button and your music will be downloaded into MP3 format.

End Statement

Creating an offline collection of your favorite music is always a good option. Because not everywhere do you get internet connectivity to stream music. Also, music streaming costs you a lot of data and juices up mobile battery pretty fast.

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