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Earn Extra Cashback when You Shop Anything Online Using CashKaro

Online shopping is on boom due to several reasons and one of the main reasons is the COVID-19 pandemic. No doubt online shopping has made our lives so comfortable. Now everything which you want to buy is just a click away. There was a time when online shopping was limited to websites. But with the development of android/iOS apps, nowadays every platform is on smartphones. While these shopping apps offer deals and discounts to attract consumers and encourage you to shop. You can still save a few more bucks by being smart.

Several people use coupons website and price comparison websites to get deals and know the lowest price. But what if I say, you can get additional cashback on your shopping? Yes, there’s an excellent website called CashKaro that offers cashback each time you buy something on your favorite online shopping website.

Let’s Talk about CashKaro

Cashkaro is one of India’s largest coupon & cashback platform for earning real cashback/rewards. With the help of CashKaro, you can earn cashback/rewards from different online platforms. This cashback is given on top of the discounts offered by retailers. Shopping via this platform is quite easy; just look for the retailer you want to shop from and get redirected to their website.

Cashkaro has partnered with more than 1500 e-commerce websites. So almost all popular platforms are available here for shopping.

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How to use CashKaro?

CashKaro is quite simple to use. like any other application, you can signup for free using your Facebook ID or email address. There is also a video tutorial both in Hindi & English on the login page. Once the user is logged in, there is a search option on the bottom, to search your favorite seller.

Step 1: Open App and Signup/Login.

Step 2: Go to the search box and search for your favorite retailer (Amazon in my case) and activate rewards.

Step 3: After activating rewards you will be automatically directed to the retailer’s website.

Step 4: There you can buy anything and the reward will be tracked.

Step 5: You will receive a mail once the reward is tracked and finally, you can transfer rewards into your bank account.


For example, I searched for the Amazon and clicked activate rewards. This action will lead to the Amazon website and there you can search for products the same like you do it in the Amazon app. After you complete the transaction on the retailer’s website, you will get an email and SMS about your “Pending Cashback”.

This cashback remained pending until the retailer confirmed the authenticity of my transaction and reported back to CashKaro. It is to ensure someone earns cashback/rewards only on a valid purchase. Depending on the retailer, the cashback gets tracked in as low as 5 minutes.

There is no limit in cashback earning although some websites put monthly limits. The more you shop, the more cashback can be earned. Once you have Rs. 250 or more in your cash back wallet, you can get it transferred to your bank account or redeem it as an Amazon/Flipkart Gift card.

Refer & Earn

Apart from earning through rewards/cashback, you can also earn by referring your friends. You will receive 10% of the cashback amount the referred person earns. If you refer a person who earns Rs. 2000 cashback, you will earn Rs. 200. If you refer 10 such persons, you will earn Rs. 2000. That’s a bonus earning for your friends’ shopping. And the best part is that the, 10% earning is for a lifetime.

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Final Words

CashKaro is an Indian startup and has collaboration with almost all popular platforms. So it sends you notification of discounted deals from all websites. With the help of CashKaro, you can save additional money online.

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