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How to enable developer mode in Telegram messenger

Telegram keeps on being one of the most mind-blowing messaging applications since it was founded around 2013. Since 2013 is has acquired tons of features which makes it one of the best applications in 2021. Telegram has gained its huge userbase because the features it provides in a messager application are out of this world.

And very few people know that Telegram also has a developer feature. This developer term reminds me of the “developer options” in Smartphones which have tons of options especially designed for developers.

Developer means developer tasks that are basically designed for those who are actually interested in and have prior experience in software development. Because small changes can affect the way the Telegram app works.

Let’s say you are interested in the developer options so go through the below article to understand how you can enable developer options in telegram.

Enable developer mode in Telegram

Step 1: Go to settings and scroll down to the bottom

developer mode

Step 2: At the bottom, you can find the Telegram version. Wait for the toast message to appear and un-tap the screen.

Step 3: Press and hold on to the app version area again. See a pop-up debug menu to appear.

You will get a bunch of different options such as Import contacts, enable logs, disable the in-app camera, call settings, show status bar, etc. You can do a bunch of cool things using these developer options.

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