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Now Enable Voice typing in WordPress [Working trick 100%]

A decent WordPress article-length comes around 300-600 words which take 1-2 hours. Not everyone typing speed is decent and this makes the writing boring and time taking process. Speaking is always much faster than writing and If it is possible to voice type. Turn that would be a heaven for content writers. After smartphones came into the market this Voice typing became so prevalent that It become a daily usage to voice type in your chat.

So there are basically two methods by which you can voice type in WordPress.

How to Voice typing in WordPress

Method 1: Using Chrome Extension

In this method, we are talking about a Chrome extension that can easily convert your voice into text. This extension works seamlessly in any kind of chromium-browser such as Google Chrome, Edge, Opera browser, etc.

Voice typing in WordPress
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Install the above extension and follow the onscreen steps.

Voice typing in WordPress

Step 1: After you install the extension, you will be taken to the setup page.

Step 2: Click on “Allow Microphone access” to enable permissions for the microphone.

Step 3: Select your dictation language and click Next. That will take you to the next page which says Setup Successful.

Step 4: No pin the extension to the address bar by going to the list of extensions and selecting the pin icon.

Step 5: To dictate, place the cursor in the text area. Then use one of three ways to start/stop voice recognition:-

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a)Voice typing in WordPressButton

Tap on the microphone button in the address bar to start/stop recognition. When it starts dictating, the microphone button in the address bar will turn red. To stop dictation, click on the button again. The button will turn black/grey once recognition stops.

b)Voice typing in WordPress Right Click

In this method, you have to place the cursor inside the text box, right-click on the mouse, and then, in the drop-down menu click “Start Recording”. To stop, you can right-click and select “Stop Recording”.

c) Keyboard Shortcut

And the quickest way to stop/start dictation is to use the keyboard shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+9.

Note: When you start dictation, the Voice In language button (also called pop-up) shows up on the page. It shows the current dictation language. Clicking on it opens up a pop-up in which you can change the current language.

Method 2: Using Google Docs

This is also one of the best methods which I have been using for voice typing in WordPress from the very beginning. Google docs let you voice-type articles in almost any language. For India, it has support for almost all regional languages too which makes it very convenient to write articles in any regional language.

voice typing keyboard

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  • Go to Google Docs and open a blank document
  • Jump to the “Tools” tab
  • Scroll down and click on the “Voice typing”. 
  • You can also start voice typing by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + S on the keyboard.
  • Now click on the microphone icon () and start speaking.
  • The default language selected is English(US) that can be changed by clicking the dropdown arrow () above the microphone icon().

Now copy and paste the whole text onto the WordPress text field and you are done with voice typing.

Final word

These two methods I find the most convenient way to write an article on WordPress. Although there are many other ways to voice type in windows PC which you can check out too.

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