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FAU-G Game Teaser is Out: India’s PUBG Mobile Alternative

India’s most popular mobile game PUBG is banned for a couple of months now. Right after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar teased a similar battle royale game as an Indian alternative to PUBG. The Bollywood star introduced FAU-G, which is the Indian answer to PUBG Mobile.

There were a lot of mixed reactions about this game banner which literally copied stock images. The image has been taken from the website known as FanaticalFuturist and it is just a blunt copy and paste using Photoshop. Keeping aside all the controversy, there were a lot of speculations going on in India about the game.

Finally, the FAU-G teaser is out and it will bring goosebumps out of you. The teaser shows glimpses of the first episode ahead of its release. The game developer, n-Core Games, took to Twitter last evening to share the minute-long teaser video. The cinematic trailer doesn’t show any weapon, Graphics, or gameplay.

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It may be an Atmanirbhar game and a first step to develop a PUBG alternative but it seems to lack the polish just yet. As the teaser clearly suggests that it is nowhere close to its competitor. But the game is not released yet and the n-Core team has yet some time to improve the game further.

As far as the gameplay is concerned it would be a story-driven game for now. Later the battle royale gameplay might get entry but there is no surety. nCore Games co-founder Vishal Gondal already confirmed that the game will be a third-person brawler title. It won’t feature any guns for you to take down enemies. You will have to your fists and legs to fight the opposing force.

The first level of FAU-G is  all set in Galwan Valley fight. For those unaware, Galwan Valley was the location of the deadly clash between the Indian and Chinese armed forces, resulting in 20 Indian soldiers being martyred. It will be super interesting to see whether FAU-G will be able to fill the massive PUBG Mobile-sized hole in our hearts.


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