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[Fix] Telegram media not showing in file manager

“Telegram media not showing” in file manager is one of the major problems being faced by many users after recent updates. After the Android 11 update and telegram updates, this media folder has been hidden somewhere dip into your internal phone memory. But this was not the case when period using Telegram since 2018. Previously they used a telegram folder right into your phone memory so it was quite easy to find your saved files, videos, music, gifs, etc.

Sure if you have clicked on this article then you must be facing the same problem. So in the below article, you will learn how to fix Telegram media not showing in file manager.

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[Fix] Telegram media not showing in file manager

Before moving on with the steps there are two very important things you must perform

  • Enable file storage permission

    Go to app file info> App permission> Files and Media >Allow access to media only.

    Telegram media not showing
  • Toggle on save to GalleryGo to Telegram app setting > Chat settings > toggle on Save to the gallery.

    Telegram media not showing

Now that you have done both of the steps let’s jump into the hidden folder.

  1. Go to any file manager and find the “Android” Folder
  2. Then tap on the “data” folder and then scroll down to the bottom till you find a folder “org.telegram.messenger”.
  3. There you will find different folders which you can access to get all telegram hidden files.

Telegram media not showing

You can also check out the below video for the stepwise process. Here in this video I have explained everything in detail and Itarsi the life demo there.

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