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How to get Free Unlimited Mobile Number

Most of us keep a single number and we use this very number for everything. But there are sometimes we need a secondary number just for creating an account or just registering on the website where we want to hide our identity. Well, there can be several reasons for that, I’m not going into that. Getting a second physical number & paying a monthly plan just for receiving SMS and registering an account is not a viable solution.

Getting a mobile number for free is almost impossible in India. But there are some of the legitimate services which provide the free mobile number to USA & Canada residents. One of the most popular services is the second line which you can download and install.

Steps to Get Free Unlimited Mobile Number

Step 1: First download and install the app from the below link as it is not available on the play store for non-USA & Canada residents.


Step 2: Now open this app and signup using any email id or you can use a temporary email id also. Although there are steps to verify the email so you can use any random email such as (xxxxxx@xyz.com).

But if you want to keep this number for the long term then I would recommend you use an email id that you can access.

Step 3: Now all the permission required for calling and receiving messages.

Step 4: Now you will be asked to select the location. Don’t select the current location but instead enter the location manually. Enter the area code for any state of USA/Canada.

This app only works with the area code of the USA & Canada which is very easy to find. Just google and the state of USA/Canada you will find area codes (Such as 415, 407, 786, etc).

unlimited mobile number for free

Step 5: Once you enter the area code you will get five numbers from which you can select any number of your choice. This list automatically refreshed after 50 seconds so you will get gain five fresh mobile numbers.

Step 6: Once you have been allocated any number you can use this for calling and SMS absolutely free provided only USA/Canada number. For other countries, you can buy cheaper credits.

Step 7: This number stays with you as long as you want to use it for calling and messaging. Even you can take another number within 15days.

unlimited mobile number for free

Step 8: If you want to release the current number and switch to the new number then head over to the settings > Account > 2ndLine Number > click on 3 dots and then release number.

You can also watch the video tutorial for a better understanding

Final Words

Although the numbers are free to use this is ad-supported so you might see annoying ads always while calling or messaging. But given the free service which is provided, the ads are acceptable. Well, the concept is very nice and you can use this number you can use it for any Whatsapp, Telegram, signal-like messaging services.



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