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Hide Photos from gallery using Google Photos Locked Folder

Google on Android 6 and above now lets you hide your sensitive photos & videos in the Google photos locked folder. This “Locked Folder” was only limited to Pixel device owners but in September 2021, Google said it would come to all Android phones. Now, most of the android devices have got this feature after the latest update so, it’s time for you to update google photos.

Note: It has been noticed that immediately after updating to the latest version of google photos this locked folder feature will not appear. So if you can’t see this feature yet then patiently wait for 24hr.

How to Activate Google Photos Locked Folder

Before setting up your Locked Folder, you will need to make sure your phone has some sort of screen lock implemented. On Android, this can be a password, pin, or pattern. If you haven’t already, set one up. Because this same lock will act as the default lock for the google photos locked folder.

Steps to Activate Google photos locked folder

  1. Update Google Photos to the latest version from playstore
  2. Go to Library > Utilities > Locked Folder
  3. Tap Set up Locked Folder
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction and you might be asked to enter your passcodeGoogle Photos Locked Folder
  5. Once the folder is being set up you can select photos and add them to the folder. Alternatively, you can select the photos and videos you want in Locked Folder and select Move to Locked Folder from the bottom menu.

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How Much Secure is Locked Folder?

To keep the sensitive photos and videos private, items in Locked Folder:

  • Won’t appear in search results, albums, shared items or any new memories.
  • Are removed from existing memories and draft print orders.
  • Aren’t available to share through third-party apps.

Important: Your sensitive photos and videos won’t be shown on Google smart displays like Nest Hub or through Chromecast, although it may take up to an hour for items to disappear.

Also, no other app on your device can access items in Locked Folder except Google Photos and the device’s camera.

The important points to keep in mind before moving to the Google photos locked folder

To protect the privacy of your sensitive photos and videos some rules have been set by Google which is very much important if you are moving items to the locked folder.

  • Photos and videos that have been moved to the Locked Folder are removed from your existing memories and photo print orders. They also won’t be shown on Google smart displays like Nest Hub or through Chromecast, although it may take up to an hour for items to disappear.
  • Locked Folder items aren’t transferred in USB-USB device transfers and aren’t kept when you factory reset your device or clear app data.
  • If you delete the Photos app, your Locked Folder and any items inside will also be permanently deleted.

Final Words

Since this google photos locked folder is an amazing feature that every android user must take advantage of and at the very same this can be fatal also if you forgot to move your secret photos & video before deleting this app. Google photos have huge potential and many more features are yet to come in near future.

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