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8 Google Translate Tricks Can be a Life Saver in 2020

Google Translate is available for all Platforms free of cost. This application is so powerful that it is inevitable to carry when travelling abroad. Google translate tricks can be a lifesaver in many situations if you know how to use it efficiently.

Google Translate is a free AI-based multilingual translation service developed by Google, to translate text, media, and webpages from one language into another. It is available for all Platforms free of cost. The application is so powerful that it is inevitable to carry when traveling abroad. Knowing Google translate tricks can be a lifesaver in many situations if you know how to use it efficiently.

Launched in April 2006 as a statistical machine translation service, it used United Nations and European Parliament documents and transcripts to gather linguistic data. Later it was used as an independent service to translate multilingual texts online.

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Later in 2011 Google Introduced mobile applications both for android and iOS and finally in 2016 google acquired world lens (google Lens) to improve visual recognition. Which is why Google translate can translate anything it can see & hear.

Note: Download/Update to the latest version of the Google Translate.

1. Tap to Translate

If you receive the text in different languages frequently or if you deal regularly with foreign clients then flipping over to the app every time can be a real pain. Google translate trick, Tap to translate comes handy in this situation where you have to tap on the word and copy to translate.

best app to translate

1) Open the app and click on the hamburger menu (≡) at the top right corner.

2) Go to  Settings > Tap to Translate.

3) Now toggle on Enable to start feature of tap to translate.

4) Next, select the preferred language for translation by clicking on Preferred languages.

As long as this service is enabled you can tap & translate any work without going to the Google Translate app Itself. If you are interested to learn the full setup read more.

2. Use it as a Dictionary

google-translate trick

If you have Google translate app then the dictionary app is obsolete for you.  It is equally powerful as a dictionary app where just you have to set up the language of translation and the google translate will show the tense, synonyms, translation, and usage in a sentence.

3. translate text from the image

google translate trick

If you want to translate something printed in a different language or during a foreign tour where everything is written is alien to you then this trick will save you immense time.

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All you have to do it is to select the language of translation (for me it is  Mandarin Chinese language) and hit the camera icon.

Google Translate TrickGoogle Translate Trick

Now aim the camera to the subject image, the camera will detect the text appeared and translate immediately with utmost perfection. Like in my case the bottom mandarin language converted into English.

4. copy the text from the image

This is another great google translate trick that uses the camera to copy the text written on the image. It doesn’t matter what language it is, google translate will catch the exact text and save it into the clipboard for you.

Google Translate Trick

To do this go to the camera icon and hit the scan icon. Now press the button to start the scan, after the scan is finished Google translate will highlight the text.

Google Translate Trick

Click select all to select the text to the clipboard. The selected text will appear on the clipboard and the subsequent translation can also be seen which more than enough.

You can even import any image to copy the written text. Just select the import icon beside the scan icon and follow the same procedure as explained above.

5. Transcribe any voice

This google translate trick is like a dream come true for avid travelers who spend most of their time traveling to foreign countries.

Google Translate Trick

To start transcription first select the language and then hit Transcribe. Allow the microphone permission if you have already and keep your mobile close to the person speaking the foreign language.

If the internet bandwidth is decent it will immediately translate the text and speak up for you in the language you have selected.

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6. Save favorite words and phrases

Google Translate Trick

When you travel you’ll tend to use the same word or phrase over and over again. That’s where Google translate Phrasebook comes in handy.

Whenever you translate any phrase, the result will have a star icon on the top right. Tap on that star icon and it will turn yellow which means that it is saved to the phrasebook.

To access the phrasebook click on the hamburger icon (≡) on the left top corner and click on the Phrasebook to access all the saved passphrases.

7. Use Google Translate Offline

Google Translate Trick

When you travel, it’s very difficult to get internet everywhere. That’s where Google translation Offline trick comes into the picture. It is recommended that keep offline translation file handy whenever you travel to other linguistic places.

Google Translate Trick

Downloading offline translation is very easy, got to the hamburger (≡) menu > click on Offline translation and download from the list of all available languages.

8. Website translation

If you don’t know google can actually translate the whole website in just a matter of time. This trick doesn’t word in Google Translate mobile application, you have head over to the web version of google translate.

Go to: https://translate.google.co.in/ 

Google Translate Trick

Enter the website URL and then select the translation language. In just a matter of time, a new website link will be generated in the other box. Click on the new link to visit the translated website.

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Not only this will convert the specific URL but it concerns the whole link which on the website. It means all blog posts and external links will also be translated into your selected language.

Final Words

These all are the best Google Translate tricks you can utilize to save some of your efforts. If I missed or ignored something please let us know in the comment section below. Ans if you like our contents please consider sharing this content.

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