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How to backup and restore Whatsapp messages & media files

Whatsapp came from nowhere and became part of our life. It made us love chatting more than voice calling. It is not just a chatting platform rather a medium of sharing the love. You always scroll down the older chat to cherish the beautiful moments spend with your loved ones. So, you obviously want to keep all the messages backed up somewhere safe. 

Whatsapp uses your google drive account to backup everything online. During this Whatsapp chat, you might have shared tons of conversations, videos, audios, & documents, which summed up to colossal data size. Google drive provides only a limited 15gb data space for free, and also you need an internet connection to backup and restore. When data charge is high, or internet connection is slow, then Whatsapp backup and restore is a headache. That’s why offline mode for backup & restore is the best choice in these situations. In the below steps learn how to backup 7 restore whatsapp offline.

How to backup whatsapp offline

The whatsapp chats backup is very straight forward. Go to the 3 dots on top right corner > go to Setting > Chats > Chat Backup > Backup. Slide the images below to see the steps explained. Once you click the backup, all chats & media files gets backed up in google drive and your phone’s internal storage. 

8 Must Have Apps For Whatsapp Users
8 Must Have Apps For Whatsapp Users
8 Must Have Apps For Whatsapp Users
8 Must Have Apps For Whatsapp Users
8 Must Have Apps For Whatsapp Users


Backed up files goes automatically to the Whatsapp folder in the mobile internal storage. Copy that Whatsapp folder and keep it somewhere safe( Like PC or SD card ). Keep it somewhere other than mobile internal storage so as to save it during factory reset.

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Restore the whatsapp backup offline

Now that you have a factory reset your system, so download fresh Whatsapp and install it. The next step is to copy the Whatsapp folder to your mobile internal storage. Now open the Whatsapp and proceed with the on-screen steps if you are using the same mobile number, then Whatsapp will automatically scan and find the backup folder linked with the mobile number. Select backup to continue backup from internal storage.

Wrapping up

So this was the easiest and most straightforward way to backup & restore Whatsapp data offline. Apart from this method, there are other softwares that can do the same task, but I don’t find it relevant to explain this here. 

So did I miss anything? Let me know in the comment section. See below-related articles for more content like this. If you liked this article, do share among your circle to help gro this website. Thank you and have a nice day cheers!! 

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