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How to disable forward in telegram & safe your content

If you are on this article then you must be irritated by your content being forwarded to another channel without your consent. Well, we all are aware that Telegram is one of the best platforms to share content to an unlimited number of users through channels and groups. But there are many instances that your original content might be stolen by other channels and which is very frustrating.

Practically you can’t avoid stealing because “There is no lock made which can’t be broken by thief” but to some extent, you can restrict the forwarding. Here is how after the latest update you can disable forward in Telegram groups & channels.

Disable forward in Telegram Channels & Groups

This method will work both for the telegram channel and groups.

disable forward in telegram

Step 1: Update the Telegram app to the latest version from playstore.

Step 2: Now tap on the channel top banner and go to the pen icon

Step 3: Tap on channel type which will lead you to the next page

Step 4: Scroll down and go to “Restrict saving content” and toggle on

After this, all your content in your channel will be restricted. So basically nothing can be forwarded or copied. The screenshot is also disabled after enabling this option.

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