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How to Download Vaccination Certificate in India

As the large-scale distribution of COVID vaccine done by Govt. of India, this has become a mandatory requirement in some of them to show the valid COVID vaccination certificate. Well in India many of the citizens are still struggling to get the COVID vaccine. There are four different ways from which you can download a vaccination certificate.

  • Cowin website
  • Aarogya Setu App
  • Umang App
  • Digilocker App

I would recommend you to read the full article as the process are not straightforward for all process. So here is how you can download vaccination certificate.

How to Download Vaccination Certificate in India

Method 1: Cowin Website

This is the easiest and reliable process and every other process uses its API to extract the vaccination registration data for here itself.

So the process is very straightforward where you have to go to the Cowin website. Enter your mobile number through which you had registered for a vaccination appointment.

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Now if you have been vaccinated then you can see Dose 1 in green dose Dose 2 in red. On the right side of Dose 1, there is a certificate option. Click on the certificate to download the pdf file of the vaccination certificate.

Method 2: Aarogya Setu App

Everyone keeps arrogya setu app beacuse its mandatory for entry at many places. First you need to update the Arrogya setu app to the latest version.

Go to the vaccination tab and enter your mobile number and proceed to verify. If you have been vaccinated then you can see the certificate icon as shown in the below screenshot. Tap on the certificate icon to generate the certificate pdf.

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Method 3: Umang App

First, you need to update umang app and look for C0-WIN. If you couldn’t find then search in the search bar at the top right corner. Click on the “Download Vaccination Certificate” and then tap on “Download” to download the certificate pdf.

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Method 4: Digilocker App

Digilocker is a kind of app where you can save all govt. approved documents. So you can also save your Vaccine certificate and the benefit of this is that you can access it anytime without downloading it every time.

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go to the Digilocker app and search for covid in the search box. Tap on the first result then click on the “Covid Vaccine Certificate”. On the next page, you have to enter the Beneficiary Id which you can only get if you have already downloaded the vaccination certificate.

So basically, this method is useless until you already have a vaccination certificate. But once you get the certificated saved in Digilocker then you can access it anytime.

Final Words

In all the above-mentioned methods, the mobile number plays a key role. Except for digilocker, all methods use mobile numbers. The process explained above is subject to change as apps or website gets updated. Make sure to comment below if you face any kind of problem to download the vaccination certificate.

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