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How to Enable Whatsapp Payment : Activate Whatsapp Pay UPI Feature

Whatsapp pay is an in-app payment service based on UPI similar to other applications such as Google pay, Amazon pay, Paytm, etc. Unlike other applications, you don’t have to carry a separate application for transactions. All transactions are controlled by UPI which was developed by NPCI.

This could be a major problem for other rivals because WhatsApp already has huge userbases. Since this feature is integrated with WhatsApp chat so even a naive user can easily use this for any transactions.

When was Whatsapp Pay Launched 

Whatsapp pay was launched in 2018 for a trial run. Payments through WhatsApp were introduced to a million users under a partnership with ICICI Bank. On February 7, 2020, the messaging app received NPCI’s approval to roll out its digital payment service in a phased manner. In the first phase, WhatsApp will offer payment services to 10 million users in the country.

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How to Activate Whatspay Pay

Since WhatsApp is offered to only 10 million users in the first phase so there are chances that you haven’t got this feature yet. Many users already have this feature from 2018 only so the feature does not completely update specific. But if you haven’t got this feature there make sure to update your Whatsapp to the latest beta version.

There are basically two methods through which you can install WhatsApp beta update.

  1. Become a Whatsapp beta user and get an official beta update
  2. Install Whatsapp beta update apk from the third party websites

Method 1: Become a Whatsapp Beta User 

The beta program is currently closed for any new users so technically you can’t become a WhatsApp beta user. But there is a workaround which is working and it will work for you too.

whatsapp pay

Step 1: Open your chrome browser and search “Whatsapp Beta”. Click on the first link which will lead you to the beta user registration page.

Step 2: Make sure that you are logged into the chrome with the correct email. You might get the error message “Whatsapp messenger app’s testing program has reached the maximum number of testers”.

Just refresh the page 5-6 times and you will get the page with the option to BECOME A TESTER.

Step 3: Since the process is official so it takes 4-5 hours to enroll you into the beta program.

If this method doesn’t work then go to the next method.

Method 2: Install Whatsapp Beta update apk Manually

Since the official process is a time taking process so there is an alternative process solution. You can directly install the Whatsapp beta apk from the apkmirror. Make sure that you install the latest version available on the website.

Just download and install the apk file like any normal third party application. Make sure that “install from unknown sources” is enabled from the settings.

whatsapp pay

Now you are on the latest WhatsApp beta then you should get the WhatsApp payment option once you click on the attachment icon. Even after doing all the above steps correctly if you are not getting the WhatsApp pay option then move to the next step.

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Enable Whatsapp Pay by Notification

As mentioned above the Whatsapp pay option is currently rolling in a phase-wise manner. So there is a high chance you might not get this option even after being on the latest WhatsApp beta update.

So there is a workaround where you have to ask your friend for a favor who has already got this WhatsApp pay feature. If your friend notifies this feature then you will get this feature immediately.



To notify you to have to go to the contact and press on the attachment menu. Select the payment option, if the person doesn’t have this feature then you will get the notify option as shown in the screenshot above.

If you couldn’t find any friend then you can join our telegram group and send the message with the number in this format https://wa.me/+91XXXXXXXXXX. And we will try to notify this feature as soon as possible.

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