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How to Get MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers on Any Xiaomi and Other Android Devices

The most highlighting feature of the MIUI 12 stable update is Super Wallpapers. It’s basically live wallpapers of Earth and Mars, but with more cool animation. To test this I installed MIUI 12 on my POCO F1 device. But sadly I didn’t get this feature, likewise, it is not available for many Xiaomi devices. Well, somehow I managed to get official MIUI 12 Super wallpapers by tweaking some settings.

For Xiaomi devices after MIUI 12 update, Super wallpaper is an official feature. But if you are on MIUI 11 or any other non- Xiaomi devices and want to experience these super wallpapers then you are in the right place.

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Install MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers on All Xiaomi Devices 

a) On some Xiaomi devices, the super wallpaper support is not by default. This has to be triggered with the help of the Activity Launcher (Free) app. This method will bring the default super wallpaper window in your theme section. To find the super wallpaper go to Themes > My page > Wallpapers> Super Wallpapers and select from the list of three.

miui 12 super wallpapers

b) If the above method didn’t work then open the activity launcher app and search for “wallpaper”. Expand the wallpaper and tap on Super wallpapers. It should take you directly to the Wallpapers app and from there you can easily access and set Super Wallpapers on your Android device.

miui 12 super wallpapers

In case you can’t see the “Super wallpaper” option then just click on the other links and try. Apart from that, if you want to quickly access Super Wallpapers then you can create a shortcut as well. Tap and hold on the option and select “Create shortcut”. This will make a shortcut on your home screen.

c) If the above two methods didn’t work then this method definitely will bring super wallpaper. For this again you have to download an application that is not available on the play store. This application super secure so no need to worry and I have also used this method to bring Super Wallpaper on my POCO F1 device.

On some Xiaomi devices, super wallpaper is not visible on the lock screen due to some bug.

Install MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers on Any Android Devices

It’s very good news that MIUI 12 super wallpapers can be installed on any android devices. The procedure is pretty straightforward, thanks to linuxct of XDA Developers who ported the live wallpapers from MIUI 12 for all Android devices. The Super-Earth and Super Mars live wallpapers from MIUI 12 are now available for most Android devices running Android 8.1 Oreo and above.

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If you’re interested in trying out the live wallpapers, you can download the APKs. You can choose from Super-Earth, Super Mars, and Super Saturn.

miui 12 super wallpapers

Install the Apk file normally and make sure to enable “install from unknown sources”.

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Now, install the Wallpapers app by Google (Free). It will allow you to access Super Wallpapers on your device.

miui 12 super wallpapers

Now open the Wallpapers app by Google and scroll down to the bottom and search for “Live wallpapers”. Open it and you will find all the Super Wallpapers from MIUI 12. Now, select the wallpaper of your choice and tap on “Set Wallpaper”. You are done.

Wrapping Up

The super wallpaper is originally developed for strong hardware. That’s why I haven’t received in lag but you might experience slight shutter of screen freeze depending on your hardware specifications. Sing live wallpaper consumes a good deal of battery, so that might be a concern. Since it is optimized for my device POCO F1, so I didn’t experience any drastic battery drain. If you are having any kind of problem while accessing the Super Wallpapers then comment down below and let us know. We will surely help you out.

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