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How to get Youtube Premium for Free: Youtube Vanced

We all sought Youtube Premium features but don’t want to pay for it. YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) is a paid subscription service offered by YouTube. The service includes ad-free access to content across the service, as well as access to premium YouTube Originals programming produced in collaboration with the site’s creators, downloading videos and background playback of videos on mobile devices, and access to YouTube Music.

Well if you want to use most features of the Youtube premium for free then you are at the right place.

What is Youtube Vanced?

Youtube Vanced is a platform that provides most of the premium features and some very interesting additional features for absolutely free. YouTube Vanced is the stock Android YouTube app, but better! Includes adblocking, true amoled dark mode and a lot more.

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Why it is Better than Original Youtube?

Here are the below features which make Youtube Vanced a better alternative or rather a competitor of youtube.

youtube premium for free

Main Highlight Features:

  • Features the option of an amoled black theme to reduce eye and battery strain.
  • Allows to play videos in the background
  • Blocks All videos ads and allows you to play videos in the background or in Picture in Picture (only on android 8.0 and up)
  • Swipe controls allow you to control brightness and volume like how it is in other video player apps such as VLC or MX Player (with configurable padding).
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  • New auto-repeat feature allowing you to enjoy videos like tiktoks/vines or simply continue playing a song on loop.
  • Not liking the new comments section or miniplayer? Those also can be toggled to the tablet versions which are very similar to the old version (albeit slightly buggy).

youtube premium for free

Add Forced Customization:

    • Allows you to force HDR playback or turn off 60fps if you prefer a cinematic experience.
    • Force the default video resolution as high or low as you want and even override your screen resolution for that sharp 4k playback on any device, and also allows you to change the default playback speed to anywhere between 0.25x to 2x (assuming your device is powerful enough)

  • Allows you to toggle home ads, most UI ads, Merchandise ads, Community posts, Movie upselling, compact banner info (such as the covid info), remove comments entirely, compact movie, movie shelf removal, and many more!youtube premium for free

Remove Sponsor Block

  • Features the ability to skip annoying sponsor segments (where a YouTuber advertises a service or product in the middle of a video). It also supports skipping other categories, such as intros, outros, and reminders to subscribe.

There are many more features which you can explore by yourself but before that you must understand how to install this application.

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Install Youtube Vanced ( Youtube Premium for Free)

You must not install apk from any third party website because you can do it free from Vanced official website. You need to download Vanced Manager to download YouTube Vanced on your phone. There you can install vanced MicroG. The benefit of having microG is that you will keep getting updates automatically when available and installation will be seamless.

Download MicroG

youtube premium for free

Install and open the MicroG app where you will get the option to install Youtube Vanced as well as youtube music.

It also asks you to choose your preferred theme when you install YouTube Vanced. To make things clear, Light + Dark is the YouTube Dark theme and Light + Black is the black theme that is darker than the YouTube Dark theme and looks really good on AMOLED display.

After vanced installation, you can see the shortcut in the app drawer. Next time when you want to use YouTube, open YouTube Vanced in place of YouTube.

Final Words

Youtube Vanced is the modded version of the original Youtube application. As we all know that youtube premium features are given away for free by this application so it may be entitled as illegal. If we go by insider news then youtube hasn’t taken any legal action Youtube Vanced owner. So in a way, youtube wants you to use this app. Let see for how long can we use youtube premium for free.

youtube premium for free

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