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How to hide apps in android


Since from the very first day of modern smartphone launch, there was a demand for app hiding feature. It always a better option than app lock because no one can sneak into your private universe. It is also a very good practice to hide sensitive apps to avoid any kind of fraud in case mobile lost or stolen.
Now it has become a must-have feature in any smartphone but very few mobile companies offer this as a built-in feature. 

Thanks to third party apps, this feature is now available in android without rooting. yeah you heard it right there is no root permission required.


How to hide apps in android

#1 Hide preinstalled apps and system apps

For preinstalled apps, there is no need for a third-party application. This can be done by disabling pre installed apps from the setting menu. This process will only hide it from app drawer, but it will remain there in the all apps section in the setting menu. 

To disable app follow below steps:-

  • Go to phone setting > Apps & notifications
  • Search for app and tap the selected app
  • In the app info page select DISABLE
  • A confirmation message will appear that this app will no longer appear in app drawer
  • After that you won’t find this app in app drawer

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How to hide apps in android

#2 Hide all types of apps

1. POCO launcher 2.0

  • Download the app from the above download link and install it
  • Press and hold finger on the empty area of desktop screen to bring the setting menu
  • Go to setting > select hide app icons

Press and hold

Select Hide app icons
  • Now go to app drawer and right swipe two times to bring the hidden tab
  • Here you first have to set a password, the password can be different from screen password
  • Now go to add app section down below and choose apps to hide 

Right swipe 2 times

Selec add apps

Select apps

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2. Apex Launcher classic

Apex Launcher Classic
Apex Launcher Classic
Developer: Android Does Team
Price: Free

  • Download and install Apex launcher classic from the above link and install it
  • Open the launcher and go to the setting menu
  • Goto Drawer setting > Hidden apps
  • Select the multiple apps to hide and save it

3. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime
Nova Launcher Prime
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Price: $4.99

Nova launcher is one of the most popular launchers which has tons of feature that is capable of converting any normal phone into a feature-rich phone. Let us not talk about that and keep focus on app hiding feature.

Nova has many features that come free of cost but this is not the one. To get the app to hide feature you have to spend Rs. 99. And that is a major drawback that’s why I kept this in the bottom of my list.


Follow the below steps if you got Nova Launcher Prime

  • Press and hold the empty space on desktop to bring the setting screen
  • Press the setting menu to go directly to Nova setting
  • Go to app drawer > Hide apps
  • Select apps to hide

Final thoughts

All methods and process discussed above are my best picks. What is your favourite do let me know in the comment section. Always happy to listen your feedback so feel free to comment.

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