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How to hide files in image ?

We all have our personal PC that we share sometimes with our friends or family members sometimes. But there are times when we have some sensitive contents which I don’t want to share with anyone. Obviously, there is a way to hide the files inside some kind of folder or event block that folder with a password.

But your file is safe until it is found accidentally e in some hidden folder or can generate a kind of curiosity for the lock folder. So here is the founder very unique ways to hide anything inside your image. So whenever anyone opens that image it will open like a general image but that image actually contains all your files which you only know. And I thought this is one of the coolest methods to hide your sensitive files. So if you are interested to learn how to hide files in images then continue reading the below article.

How to hide files in images?

Step 1: Create a new folder on any drive and put the files you wish to hide from anyone.

Step 2: Form an archive with the selected files, e.g. secret.zip. And next to it, place any picture you want.

Step 3: Now open cmd inside that folder. Just go to the address bar of that folder, type cmd, and hit enter. Viola, now you can see a black cmd screen which is opened in that folder.

hide file in image

Step 4: To see if cmd is opened in the right folder you can type command dir and hit enter. This will display all the file’s names with extensions. Both your created archive and the picture should be displayed here.

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Step 5: Type the command copy /b cat.jpg+secret.zip supercat.jpg

cat.jpg – the image in which you want to hide your data.
secret.zip – the archive with our files.
supercat.jpg – the name of the output image.

Note: The name has been chosen by my personal preference you can name it anything but makes sure that the same name has to be put in the command.

Step 6: The resulting image is supercat.jpg which will be saved in the same folder. When you double-click it, a simple picture will come out.

Extract the file from the image

Well now you know how to hide files in the image but what about getting your files back. There is a common saying, “If you don’t know how to get out from the back hole then don’t enter a black hole”.

hide files in image

Now your output file is supercat.jpg which contains your secret file. You have enabled filename extension as you can see supercat.jpg where .jpg is the file name extension.

Change the .jpg file name extension to .zip and try to open it. Hopefully, you will get all your files inside that zip folder and then you can extract them anywhere you want.

Final words

Well by far distance this is one of the best methods to hide sensitive files from prying eyes. I think we have made everything clear in the simplest possible way. If you know any other method or you have any possible doubt in this tutorial then do comment below.

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