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How to instantly delete my account from any service?

We always look for opening accounts on unlimited websites but mostly avoid deletion due to the unusually difficult and messy method. Also, there are some instances where we lost our smart devices and want to delete data to safeguard ourselves. So we must know at that point in time how to delete my account.

It is very easy to open an account on any online portal but really very hard to delete your online presence. There are some instances where it is literally impossible to delete your data or account. Well, very few people are aware of the secret behind this difficulty of account deletion. The deletion process can be super easy like account opening. But this has been deliberately made difficult so those companies can retain the users which are ultimately good for their business.

How to instantly delete my account from any service?

As a rule, you can create a new account in 2 clicks, but deleting it is a big deal (the deletion menu is hidden somewhere in the back of the site).

But there is a great service Just Delete Me, which simplifies this process. It has either direct links to delete the account or instructions on how to do it.

Step 1: Go to Just Delete Me and search any app/website

Step 2: Once you find the website/app, tap on that and you will be redirected to that website.

delete my account
Source: https://backgroundchecks.org/

Step 3: For example search for “Adobe” and then click on the talk of the namebar.

Step 4: On the next page you will be on the concerned website where you can easily delete your account.

The color code indicates the difficulty in deleting your account from that website. So, in my case I have search for “Adobe” and here you can see the red colour shows that difficulties hard. That means it will take your significant time to understand and delete your account.

In this website you can also sort by popularity, A to Z or by level of difficulty. To make things easier they have their on Chrome extension and it also all the source code is available to fork from GitHub.

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