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How to Record Zoom Call During Video Conferencing Meetings

Zoom meetings app owner went to overnight success due to desperate use of Zoom call during the lockdown. Zoom app is extensively used for webinars, online lectures, and online coaching/classes.

So many times you want to record zoom call of what was discussed webinar, online lectures, and online coaching/classes for obvious reasons. Well as a participant you can only record if allowed by meeting host. Most of the time if premium content is shared then the host disables this option.

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In case it is enabled then you can record zoom call. And if you are host then it is your birthright to record video, just kidding. Here in this article you will learn how to record zoom call both in smartphone and desktop devices.

How to Record Zoom Call on PC

Step 1: Go to the Zoom website and login or register if you are new to the Zoom web.

Step 2: Click on the profile logo and go to the setting menu.

record zoom call

Step 3: In the setting menu go to the recording tab and toggle on the Local recording. If you want to give recording permission to the participants the tick the below option.

Step 4: When you scroll down you can toggle on automatic recording option. There is a very interesting option a) Ask participants for consent when a recording starts & b) Ask the host to confirm before starting a recording which you can choose to control recording.

record zoom call

Step 5: Now host a meeting with video on and you will be prompted to download Zoom desktop client. Download and install it on your system and then proceed to the next step.

record zoom call

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Step 6: Assuming that you have already have Zoom desktop client, the meeting will start in the desktop app once you host a new meeting.

record zoom call

Step 7: Now you can manually switch on video & microphone from the bottom left options. On the bottom right you can see the native record button.

Step 8: Tap on the record button and the prompt screen will ask you to record video with it without video. Register your choice and proceed.

Step 9: To stop the recording just click on the stop floating icon. As soon as video recording is stopped it will be converted into the right format. And it will ask for your permission to save on a local drive.

Step 10: Save it somewhere in your local drive and then you can play or share anywhere.

How to Record Zoom Call on Android/iPhone

Since there is no native support for the Zoom call record so we have come of an alternative solution. The best choice here would be to record your mobile screen by any screen recording software.

The best free screen recording software available on the play store and AppStore is AZ Screen Recorder.

Download: Android  /riOS

Screen recording is very simple where you have to click on the record button to record anything on the screen. There is option to record video with system audio or without audio.

Final words

Zoon call record option is very easy to access on desktop but for smartphone devices it is still lacking. Maybe in the coming future this option will be rolled out to the smartphone users. If you have any questions please comment below and stay tuned to our website for future updates.

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