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How to Recover Hacked Youtube Channel: Step by Step Procedure

Youtube video creation platform is the fastest growing platform especially after the distribution of cheaper data. As the users who consume videos have increased so does the video creators. With more and more people are going online this has enhanced the online frauds or stealing. And yes this is also happening with youtube; professional hackers are deliberately hacking youtube channels.

You must have heard of many popular youtube channels got hacked. The advantage with the popular channel is that they have access to more specific youtube contacts with is why they get their account back easily. But there mare thousands of youtube channels which are being hacked every month. Some of them get recovered and some are lost forever. But if you know a proper way to contact the youtube support team then things might land in your favor. Well in the below article you will learn how to recover a hacked youtube channel.

How Youtube Channel gets Hacked?

According to the recent trend (2020), the hack is performed via spam email. As your youtube channel grows you start getting promotional email. And getting a promotional email is very normal as you cross 5k subscribers’ mark. Promotional email is very lucrative and hackers have figured it out.

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You will get a promotional email from a random email asking for a software review from some website. As you download and run the software on your PC, you are gone. These softwares are specially designed to steal the Gmail login data. And these softwares are so powerful that they can even bypass your 2-step verification process. Once you run this application that means you are out of luck.

There are 2 kinds of hacks currently on trend

    1. Your Gmail id associated with the Youtube Channel will be hacked and ultimately youtube channel is under their control.
    2. Your youtube channel will have a unknown brand account and later whole youtube channel will be transferred to that brand account. (In this case, your email id will not be lost).

How to detect it?

You may know that your YouTube account has been stolen when you see that there are videos that recommend you and it does not make sense but this is not always definitive and it can simply be a problem in the recommendations, without further ado. Yes there are two main changes that Google recommends you look at for know if your YouTube account has been stolen or if someone has entered without your permission:

  • If you see that there are changes you haven’t made And your profile picture is different, the associated email has been changed or there are sent messages that you have not sent, for example.
  • If there are videos uploaded that you did not upload. There may be videos on your YouTube profile. Even if there are videos with inappropriate content.

In the event that your YouTube account has been stolen or hacked, there are two options: that you can still enter your account or that you cannot enter it.

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If you can enter your account

If you can log into your account, you will have to go to the Google security website to activate all privacy options allow you to regain control and don’t change the password. You can also close all devices that are not yours. The five main settings are:

  • What devices are connected: Delete those that are not yours
  • Recent security-related activity
  • Two-step verification
  • Third-party access with applications
  • Gmail configuration and settings

Recover Hacked Youtube Channel

If you can’t log into your account

In the event that you think your YouTube account has been stolen and you cannot enter, you will have to follow the instructions to recover your account …

Before recovering your account, Google recommends that use the same computer, phone, or tablet in which you usually log in, that you use the same browser as always and that you log in from the same place that you usually do it, be it work or your home or any other place from which you access.

  • Go to the google website to recover your account
  • Enter your email
  • Click next
  • You will have to write the last password you remember
  • You will have to answer the questions you can and it is advisable not to skip any questions. In addition, in the next paragraphs, we leave you some important tips when trying to recover your account.
  • Change the password once that Google allows you to do it. Bet on a strong password that you have not previously used.

Recover Hacked Youtube Channel

Recover Hacked Youtube Channel

Well by this time you already know that your account is being hacked/stolen. It is not always easy to recover hacked youtube channel if it have been stolen. There have been many cases where famous YouTubers have lost their profile and their videos for months due to fraud or all kinds of malware that steal the passwords or profiles of famous content creators. In these cases it is not always easy to return the account to its usual state and it is advisable to contact the company to demonstrate that you have suffered an attack and that it belongs to you.

But not all of us have direct access to YouTube to ask for help, so there are other steps that you can and should follow if you think that your YouTube account has been stolen.

Step 1: Search in google “Youtube support” then go to the first link or yif you are lazy then just click here.

Recover hacked youtube channel

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Step 2: Click “Get support” on the top right corner and then go to “Connect with youtube help community“.

Recover hacked youtube channel

Step 3: Go to “Forum” and scroll down to the bottom. At the bottom, you can find the “Ask now” link. Click on that link to ask your question in the community forum.

Recover hacked youtube channel

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Step 4: Once you have posted the question, you need to wait and have patience. Within a couple of hours, a person from the youtube team will surely reply and ask for more queries. You just need to follow the instruction as if you are fortunate finally you can recover hacked youtube channel.

Final Words

I hope this method will help you to recover a hacked youtube channel. This method is the most perfect way to communicate the youtube support team. There are a couple of other ways too such as asking for help on youtube twitter account and asking bigger channel support. If you find this article interesting do consider sharing and if you have any other way to communicate with the youtube team then do mention in the comments below.

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