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Best way to Remove Image Watermark in 1 click

In this digital era, we always look for different images to make our digital life beautiful. But not every image comes for free and if it is free that image is watermarked. Of course, images are watermarked for various reasons such as to save intellectual rights, to sell images, etc. But for one image we can’t afford to buy a subscription. So here comes this article on how to remove an image watermark.

How to Remove Image Watermark

Method 1: Remove Image Watermark

Removing the watermark is a very tedious task and in most cases gets a good result, as well as consumes a lot of time & effort. In this article, I am going to discuss a website that is so powerful that it can remove any kind of watermark in just one click. It’s so powerful that it cannot remove a very light watermark and the end result will be so awesome that you won’t believe that it was watermarked previously.

Remove Image Watermark

Step 1: Go to the website Watermark.io

Note: No logging is required on this website

Step 2: Click on the Upload image and select the image from your directly whose watermark has to be removed.

Step 3: Now Wait for some time and within a second you will get the watermark removed from the image.

Remove Image Watermark

Step 4: Below the image, you can find the Download button. you can download the image in full resolution absolutely free.

So here was the best technique to remove the image watermark. The best part is that everything is free of cost and absolutely free to use. In the future it won’t be free but as long as it is free to take the maximum benefit of this service.

The only problem with this method is that there is no control. Basically, you can’t control the area of the image for watermark removal. Let me put it this way suppose you want to remove only one watermark and want to preserve the rest of it. So to solve this problem there is another online tool which is explained below.

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Method 2: Remove Image Watermark

In this method, we are going to use another online tool from theinpaint.com.

Step 1: Go to theinpaint.com. and upload the image

Remove Image Watermark

Step 2: Now you will get a basic selection tool to select or highlight the area in an image

Step 3: Now highlight the area and press the Erase button to start removing the watermark

Step 4: Once editing is done you can download the image from the top download button

Final Words

Using these free tools you can do editing of almost all your images. This is by far the best method to remove the image watermark in the easiest possible way. Both of the methods which I have discussed above are unique in their own way. If you have any other better method then please do mention it in the comment section.

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