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How to Schedule Instagram reels and live (no 3rd party software)

Instagram started as an image-sharing platform but slowly has grown into one of the top video-sharing platforms. Instagram Reels have taken over as the fastest-growing video-sharing app. In fact it has become third largest video sharing platform around the world. And an average user spent almost 30 minutes per day on Instagram reels.

Instagram is one of the best way to grow your brand and developed as an influencer. But it is very difficult to upload reels regularly on Instagram which is kind of must have requirement if you are really serious about your brand.

So in most of the cases user generally create backlog of videos and upload regularly at some interval. But this is also cumbersome to upload videos manually and ultimately it is best to schedule the videos.

If you were what are the ones who used to to schedule videos using any third party application then I have a good news for you. Instagram has launched the video scheduling facility in the app itself.

How to Schedule Instagram reels ?

Step 1: Open Instagram, and go to the Reels section.

Schedule Instagram reels

Step 2: Add the reel video and then tap on the advanced section as shown in the first sceenshot.

Step 3: Then tap on schedule this rel option on top of the page.

Step 4: Then in the schedule section you have to select the date & time and then press done.

Thats it you are now good to go. This is how easy now to schedule instagram reels.

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