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How to Set up an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Amazon has now made available a new "Watch Party" feature for U.S. based Amazon Prime members, here's what you need to know to start your own party.

Amazon Prime has recently launched its new feature “watch party” for its users without any extra cost. This feature is was only available for US citizens but now it is available for Indian users also. This simultaneous watching feature has launched amid COVID 19 pandemic which is a perfect combination.

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What is Amazon Watch Party?

Prime members can stream video content simultaneously, while a designated host account has the ability to control all playback functions for the group, synchronized to all participants’ screens instantly.

Amazon’s Watch Party feature can support up to 100 participants (significantly more than other co-watching services) as long as each participant is an Amazon Prime or Prime Video member.

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In addition to that participants can actually chat and share emojis among themselves. Below is an explanation of how to get your first Watch Party started, the right way.

You will need a PC to access Amazon’s Watch Party feature on Prime Video. Yes, the feature does not work on the mobile app for Android or iOS. Amazon says that the feature doesn’t work on Safari or Internet Explorer as well as the Fire TV Stick.

Setting Up An Amazon Watch Party With Friends

To set up a watch, the party host will visit the amazon prime video and select the movie to watch together. Once the given title is selected, the host then clicks the new Watch Party icon located next to the “trailer” and “+watchlist” buttons.

Watch Party

Next, the host will be brought to the Watch Party page and must choose a chat name. Once they have entered their chosen name, they simply click “create party” and the movie or television show is queued up to start.

On the right side of the screen, a shareable link is created which a host can share it with potential participants. Below the share link is the details of the Watch Party, displaying how many participants are present. From this point, the host is in complete control and can decide when the show will begin, when to pause, stop, etc.

The chat window is also present within the same box on the right of the screen and can be minimized for those who just want to enjoy the stream.

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