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How to Track amazon Price on Mobile and Web Browser

Amazon is the largest eCommerce which periodically brings sales with a hefty discount. We all know that discount sometimes is jaw-dropping which compels us to buy that product. But when you see later that discount was deceiving as the same amount of discount is available able the whole year. Well in that situation we must know to track the Amazon price of the shortlisted product.

There are many websites, app, and extensions to track the price drop. But to choose the best is always a difficult task. So, before your favorite product is sold out, here is how to track product price & enable alerts for Amazon mobile & web.

Track Amazon Price on Android

To track amazon product pricing you need an android app Keepa which can be downloaded from the playstore. Before diving, you need to do some basic setup to make it work for you.

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker
Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker
Developer: Keepa.com
Price: Free

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First Sign up and log in to the application. Then the first thing you need to do is to go to the settings and change the amazon locate to .in (for India). Now search the product, you will get the products related to the keyword.

Track amazon Price

Overview (History Graph) 

Tap on the product of your choice which will lead you to the overview page. There you can see the price history from 3 years back also. The price variation will let you easily decide to purchase the product at the lowest possible rates. Assuming you have decided to purchase the product, just click on the amazon logo which will lead you to the Amazon product.

Price Drop Alert

This is by far the best method to track the amazon price. But this app is not limited to this, in fact, you can set a price drop alert. In this way, you don’t have t constantly check the price of Amazon products.

Track amazon Price

To set an alert, jump to another tab “Track Product” where you can see a bell button at the bottom. Tap on the bell button and set the minimum price drop alert. This will let the app to notify if amazon product price goes down below the set limit. Of course, you can delete or edit the alerts anytime and set new alerts.

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Track Amazon Price on Web Browser

Tracking Amazon Product price on a web browser is a lot easier due to extension/add-on seamless integration with the web browser. The extension/add-on is available for all major web browsers.

Download and activate the chrome extension or firefox addon and restart the browser.

Track amazon Price

You can do everything on extension the same as explained for the Keepa application. But what you can’t do on the app is on-page product price analysis. The seamless integration will show you set up everything from the product page itself.

Just go to Amazon and open any product of your choice, and scroll down below product specification. There you can see the Keepa amazon price tracker with all settings. You can configure all settings and alerts from there. Alternatively, you can also go to the website and do all configurations.

Final Words

Well, there are many other websites which do the same task, such as pricehistory.in, pricetrackers.in, etc.  and they are equally powerful websites. It is always a personal choice to choose the best method for you. I personally like this method and if you have any other method, do let us know in the comment section below.

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