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How to watch Skillshare courses for free

Skillshare is one of the top platforms where you can learn anything from top-class tutors all around the world. So of course this is paid and in my opinion, all the creators who are there on this platform must get their credit. So I would always recommend you to get a subscription and help all the great creators if you can afford it.

Skillshare also has a 3-month trial which you can try. But if you have consumed this trial period then here is how you can watch Skillshare courses for free.

Method 1: HeckerNoHecking

HeckerNoHecking is a group of programmers who have developed a script that can heck skillshare and let you watch any video course. Follow the below steps:-

Step 1: Go to Skillshare.com and then open the coarse

Step 2: Copy the URL in the address bar

watch Skillshare courses for free

Step 3: Now Go to the HeckerNoHecking and paste the link into the search bar.

watch Skillshare courses for free

Step 4: Next press the click here link to activate the HECK button. After hecking you can watch all videos for free.

But if you want to download all the videos then follow the steps given on the website.

watch Skillshare courses for free

Method 2

Step 1: Go to https://colab.research.google.com/github/calvin…

Step 2: Click on the arrow facing down next to “Connect” and choose “Connect to hosted runtime”

Step 3: Click on “Runtime” in the top left side of the screen and Change the runtime type to “GPU”

Step 4: Click the pause icon next to ” Run this cell to mount Gdrive” and go to the URL to link your Google account and copy the code and paste it in the box under the URL and click enter

Step 5: Run the cell to install skillshare dl and it should show “Successfully Configured” after it finished installing

Step 6: Copy the course link and paste it under the previous section and click on the pause icon

Step 7: After all of them are done downloading, click on move the downloaded course to Gdrive and it should send the files to your Gdrive. Enjoy your courses!

Final words: watch Skillshare courses for free

Skillsshare is a very good platform for creators who want to earn through their creative works. So if you can afford then you must buy skills share plan which is not very much costly because this will ultimately help the creators being more creative. Keeping this in mind I have found two excellent methods to download and watch videos for free. If you like the content of this article please do comment and share so that this article reach to the wider audience.

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