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How to unban Telegram Number in 2022

If you have landed to this article that means your account has been banned due to various reasons. Telegram has banned your number that doesn’t mean that your number can’t be unbanned. Very few people know that banned numbers can be unbanned in a few hours. But before requesting for unban you must know why it got banned in the first place so as safeguard your number from the future ban.

Why Telegram number get Banned?

There can be various reasons and some of the frequent reasons we have tried to list below:-

  • Occasional blocking: There are cases when algorithms worked automatically and imposed a restriction for no reason. It will take a while, the support team is usually very busy. But after two or three days, restrictions can be removed from the account if the robot was mistaken in detecting a violation.
  • Entering incorrect passwords: Telegram developers are trying to minimize the risk of accounts getting hacked. So your account gets banned if the password is entered incorrectly 5 times in a row. This is considered a suspicious activity that leads to the immediate ban of the Telegram account.
  • New Telegram account: Sometimes a telegram account gets banned if it is a new number and has not been used for any purpose other than creating a Telegram account. This kind of ban is usually associated with the temporary number created using some app.
  • Report Spam: Your number also gets banned if reported by many users. Users might report personal chats or posts from the channel or groups. Depending on the severity of the report your account can get limited or banned.

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How to unban Telegram Number

Now you must have known the reason for your Telegram account ban. Let us now understand how to get ourselves unbanned.

Telegram has a very beautiful telegraph article that is self-explanatory which you can read or let me make this present you in an easy language.

If your phone number was banned from signing up, and you believe that this decision was wrongfully made, you can DM on Twitter with your phone number: @smstelegram.This is the best way that has actually worked for me.

If you have issues that aren’t related to login, they will be glad to help, but please note that they can only speak English and Russian. If you speak some other language, give one of these accounts a ping:

If you prefer to send the issue in private (most of these accounts don’t have open DMs), you can contact your local support team. Find them in Telegram Settings > Ask a question! then tap on ask as a volunteer.

How to unban Telegram Number

Telegram support runs on volunteers like us, anyone can opt for the volunteer role.

So once you tap on the volunteer role this will lead to the volunteer support bot. Press start and report a problem and follow the on-screen instructions. In this way, you can report a problem and expect the volunteers to answer. Usually, answers are received within an hour or so.


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