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How to Import Birthdays from Facebook to Google Calendar

There was a time when we were very comfortable with Facebook on remembering our friend’s birthdays. So there was no need to keep a reminder for birthdays but over time most of us have made distance with Facebook. Now it is very hectic to keep reminders manually. Regardless, we can still exploit our Facebook friend list and get all the birthdays in our calendar. Here in the below article, we will learn how to import birthdays from Facebook to google calendar.

Import birthdays from Facebook to the Google calendar

Initially, back in 2012-14 it was pretty straightforward to extract all the birthday lists by pasting the events URL into the Google Calendar. But the recent Facebook update has made it difficult to extract the birthday list. However, we can use a Chrome extension to get the job done.

1. Go to the chrome extension Birthday calendar exporter for Facebook and add to the browser.

import Birthdays from Facebook

2. In the next step log in to your Facebook account from which you want to export birthdays.

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3. Then click on the extension at the top right corner and select the Birthday Calendar Exporter extension.

4. As the popup on the screen comes then click on the “Start Scan” button.

import Birthdays from Facebook

5. This will take a couple of seconds depending on the number of friends on your list. Once finished, it will open a pop-up where you can click on the preview option and check your friends’ list in the calendar view.

6. Now click on the generate button to start uploading the list into the google calendar.

import Birthdays from Facebook

7. On the next page under the “Export birthdays as ICS file” you can see the Generate and Download button. It will download the ICS file containing all your Facebook friends’ birthdays.

8. Now open google calendar and then create a new calendar. To do that, click on the plus + icon beside the Other calendars option.

import Birthdays from Facebook

9. Then tap on the “create a new calendar” option to create a new calendar and name it whatever you like. In my case it is Facebook Friends.

import Birthdays from Facebook

10. Now go to import & export and then upload the file which you have downloaded. Select the new calendar(Facebook Friends) from the dropdown menu and then import it. This will automatically add the birthday list to your google calendar.

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