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Everyone can now access their Instagram DMs on the web

Instagram DMs on the web, isn’t it amazing. Bringing DMs to the web is a part of Zuckerberg’s broader vision. He wants to integrate messaging of three major platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram together so people can message each other regardless of the platform they’re using.

Finally, Instagram DMs on the web is available for everyone to use starting from today. It is very convenient for those people who work more on Instagram like Social influencers, reporters and social media managers.

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It is always convenient to respond to thousands of messages on the laptop than on a smartphone. Once you log in to the Instagram on the web, you can see DM icon on the top right corner after the home button.


Clicking the DM icon will open a fully functional chat window. You can access older messages and start a new conversation as well.  DMs for web brings all the features you have on the mobile app. You can like messages, use emojis or send a photo. You can start a new individual conversation or a group conversation.

Considering the fact that the entire world is on lockdown due to coronavirus, it’s the perfect time to release desktop DMs to the entire masses.


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