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Lock biometrics and save yourself from fraudsters

You must have remembered during the Aadhar card registration, biometric(fingerprint) samples were taken. So other than the eye, biometrics is one of the key identification marks that confirms your identity. Later when Aadhar was linked with bank accounts it became very easier to withdraw money from the bank account.

So it became very convenient to take charge of the bank’s money so the fraudsters took advantage of this loophole. Recently you must have heard some of the news where fraudsters cloned the victim’s fingerprint and emptied all accounts. This is the kind of fraud you must not go through. So if you are interested in how to lock biometrics and safeguard yourself read the full article.

How to lock biometrics?

The best way to save yourself from fraudsters is to lock the biometrics. Here is how you can do this by yourself.

Step 1: Go to uidai.gov.in and scroll down to Aadhar services.

Lock biometrics

Step 2: Scroll down and find the “Secure your Biometrics”

Lock biometrics

Step 3: Now you will be asked to login using Aadhar and OTP. On the next page enter your Aadhar and captcha to login.

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Lock biometrics

Step 4: Next go to the Lock/Unlock Biometrics button. Enter your details and then you can easily lock your biometric.

Step 5: You can repeat the same steps to unlock the biometrics.

After locking biometrics you are restricted to use any kind of biometric authentication in future. Of course, there is some downside but it will put a complete full stop to any kind of misuse. In my opinion, everyone must lock this feature as soon as possible.

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