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Now create an excel formula online using AI

Excel is the most powerful tool for those who are playing with data for decades. It has made life easier for researchers, analysts, data scientists and has been part of almost all computers all over the world. It has certainly evolved itself to make it more user-friendly but it is still a nightmare for many of us. I am sure not only me almost all of you have struggled at some point in time.

Well, the use of formulas has always been the tricky part in Excel that can save you from big headaches when you are getting crumbled with data. Excel formulas can save a lot of time and energy. I still remember when I use to get behind my seniors asking for formulas. But what I have faced you don’t have to face now as in the below article you will learn how to create an excel formula online.

Create an excel formula online using AI

Go to this website and scroll down to the bottom and you can see the box. There in this box, you have to explain the problem and then click on the button “generate formula“. The AI will automatically generate an excel formula which almost fits your conditions.

create an excel formula online

For example, I searched for the query “check two sheets and update first based on a common column”. And as soon as I pressed the “generate formula” button, you can see that a VLOOKUP formula pops up. So this is how easy it is to Create an excel formula online for any of your problems.

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It has been clearly mentioned that the tool works best when you specify details like exact cells, rows, or columns. And if you didn’t get the desired result then try rephrasing your sentence and you can also send the feedback.

Whatever you are searching for here is being used for future model improvements & potentially used for user-generated content on the site. The website claims that it has already generated more than 335,000 Excel formulas as asked by different website visitors. The website is free as of now and usually relies on donations to generate revenue.

In my opinion, the tool might not give you a good result but it will surely guide you to the correct path. Everyone should try this tool at least once to see its true potential.

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