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Google Playstore Dark mode in now Available to Everyone

Dark Mode is now available on all Android devices.

Users are already enjoying system-wide dark mode after the Android 10 update. Some of the popular apps such as youtube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. are offering dark mode in Android 9 also.

The dark mode is a user interface (UI) for content that displays light text on a dark background. The dark mode is very much beneficial in avoiding dangerous blue light emitting from the device. Staring at your phone for longer hours causes eye irritation. With the use of Dark mode, these problems can be reduced to some extent.

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How to Enable Google Playstore Dark mode

Every day new apps are pushing dark mode to users for good. Google play store has also introduced dark mode recently.

If you are an android 10 user and activated system-wide dark mode then you might have noticed that the Playstore is opening in dark mode by default. But if it’s not opening in dark mode by default then follow the below steps to enable it. This method will work for Android 9 as well.

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Google Playstore Dark mode

Step 1: Update the Playstore if you haven’t it already

Step 2: Head over to the hamburger menu (≡) and go to setting

Step 3: Now go to the Theme option and select a dark mode or system default if you have dark mode activated in android 10.

The method is almost similar for getting dark theme activated in all other android applications also.


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