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Remove Password From PDF File: the Most Easiest method

You must have received password protected PDF from your friends, clients, boss, or from Banks & insurance companies. To send the secure data password-protected PDFs are shared. Usually, you get a password along with your PDF, but over time, you lose track of your password. Eventually, PDF becomes useless until and unless you have saved the password somewhere.

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So the idea to remove passwords from PDFs must have come into your mind. You must have tried different online and offline methods to do this, but it’s not every time easy to do it. So here are some of the easiest solutions to remove passwords from any encrypted PDF.

#1: Remove PDF Password by Using Chrome

This is one of the easiest methods where you don’t have to install any software if you use the chrome browser. Yes, you heard it right!, if you guys don’t know then, Chrome is also a decent PDF reader. In chrome browser, you can open pdf with basic settings.

Remove Password From Pdf

  • Drag and drop PDF file into the Chrome Browser to open the PDF file
  • Enter the password and open PDF file
  • Now go to the print icon and click to print it.

  • In the print screen go to the destination and select “Save as PDF”
  • Then click save option in the bottom right to save as PDF.

The new PDF will be without password and this method will work in any operating system provided you must have Chrome Browser installed. This same method will work on a smartphone also.

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#2 Remove PDF Password by Using MS Edge

Windows 10 has brought a lot of hidden features, and one of them is the addition of a “Microsoft PDF printer.” So you can print anything into PDF just by selecting Microsoft print to PDF. You can do this trick anywhere where the print option is available, be it a browser or any pdf viewer. You have to select Microsoft print to pdf from the dropdown list.

Remove Password From Pdf

Microsoft Edge also a potential PDF viewer where basic features include read out aloud, Table of contents, Add notes, Bookmarks. Unlike google chrome, drag, and drop doesn’t work here, here you have to right-click on the pdf file and open with Microsoft edge. Now hit on the print icon and select the printer from the dropdown list and hit print. You’ll be prompted to choose a name and location for your new PDF file. The new PDF will be the exact copy of the original one and without any password protection.

#3 By Using Pro Version of any PDF Reader/Editor

There are various pdf readers which are specially built for not just reading but also editing pdf in all possible ways. I have used Adobe Acrobat Pro & Foxit PDF Phantom which is completely capable of doing this.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Open the pdf document with Foxit PDF Phantom and fill the password when prompted. Go to the “Secure” tab section. Now scroll down to the “Remove Security” option and click to remove the password encryption, then save it by pressing Ctrl + S from Keyboard.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Open PDF document with Adobe Acrobat and fill the correct password when prompted. Go to the right panel and select “Protect”, this will lead you to another screen.

Remove Password From Pdf

In the next screen go to the Encryption tab and select Remove Security to remove security. The process is not complete until you have saved it by pressing Ctrl + S.

Wrapping Up

The first two methods are easiest and completely free of cost that is good for just password removing. But if you want more than just password removal the pro version of Softwares is required. They can do much more than what you can imagine. Well, guys did you like this article? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comment section below.

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