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How to Remove Recent Files from the Quick Access in Windows 10

By default, quick access will show the recently opened files in windows explorer. This behaves just like the history in our browser which will show each & everything we have opened recently. This is handy and many times very helpful if we want to open the same file which we have forgotten the location. But there are some personal stuff that becomes public when someone uses your PC. So if you are concerned about this every time then you can actually disable it. Read the article below to find out how to remove recent files from quick access.

How to Remove Recent Files from the Quick Access

Go to start menu > Settings and then quickly jump to the Personalisation section.

recent files

Now go to the Start as pointed in the image below.

Remove Recent Files

As you go to the start tab you will be presented with many options. Jump to the last option ” Show recently opened…..Quick Access” and toggle off. This option is switched on by default which you need to turn off to get rid of the recent files.

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remove recent files

So this is how you can remove recent files from the windows settings. This is a very simple straightforward process where you have to follow the simple steps to get your work done. If you still face any problems then do comment in the comment section below.



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