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How To Remove Test Mode Watermark From Windows 10 Desktop

If you are annoyed with the test mode windows 10 pro watermark or you don’t have any idea why it’s appearing at the lower right corner of the screen, continue reading this article to get an insight about what is a test mode, why it is activated and how to remove test mode watermark from Windows 10.

The test mode appears on your Windows desktop when there is an application installed that is in the test phase since it uses drivers that are not digitally signed by Microsoft.

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What is Test Mode?

Test mode feature is provided in windows 10 pro version for user to test applications which are not digitally signed by Microsoft officially. This is a very powerful feature for those who want to test software that doesn’t have a verified certificate.

So basically you have installed some software that has turned on the test mode feature so you are getting this message. If you don’t know what software is using test mode then you must check the recently installed applications.

If you still have no idea then its recommended to turn it off or remove test mode watermark from Windows 10.

How to Remove Test Mode Watermark From Windows 10 Pro

Test mode is a feature indication watermark so it can be turned off and on by a simple CMD command.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that turning off test mode may result in the non-working of some apps which were not digitally signed.

Step 1: Open command prompt (CMD) and run as administrator. To open command prompt type CMD in the start menu, then right-click on command prompt and select Run as Administrator and click yes to proceed.

Step 2: At the CMD screen execute the following command

To Disable Test Mode

Step 3: In the Command Prompt window, type the following command, and then press Enter: bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF.

To Enable the Test Mode

Step 4: In the Command Prompt window, type the following command, and then press Enter: bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON.

Step 5: If you can still see the Test mode on/Watermark the reboot your system.

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Amit Kumar bishoyi
Amit Kumar bishoyi
August 27, 2020 8:16 am

Hloo … Everyone I have a problem so please reply this…I have also this test mode problem but test mode water mark totally cover my display so I don’t think how i slove that so anyone know about that so please reply in the following email.
[email protected]



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