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How to Take Scrolling Screenshots in Android Smartphones

We all take screenshots on regular basis depending on our requirement and need. It is all because taking a screenshot has become easier using two buttons or three and even with 3 finger swipe. We even want to edit or add some kind of annotation to the screenshot that is why the modern smartphones have updated their OS according to customer needs. But till now the screenshot was limited to the visual screen area. So to share a complete web page you need to take multiple screenshots.

Well, long or scrolling screenshots had been there for a while using third-party applications. But after the Android 12 update scrolling screenshot has been natively added to Android smartphones. In the below article we will try to explain scrolling screenshots in Android smartphones.

Take Scrolling Screenshots in Android Smartphones

Till Android 11 this feature was natively not available but fortunately Android 12 has fixed this issue!. With Android 12 the ability to capture scrolling screenshot have been added by default. So basically you can see an icon scroll other than edit or share options. And alongside the same feature has been incorporated in updated Google Chrome so basically, you can take full page screenshots in Google Chrome itself.

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Take Scrolling Screenshot on Android 12

Scrolling Screenshots in Android

Step 1: Go to any app and take a screenshot using 3 finger swipe or 2 finger button combination.

Step 2: now as soon as the screenshot is taken you will get an option of a scroll button.

Step 3: Press on scroll button, then scroll the image to the length you want to capture.

Step 4: once you are done press the done button below

Step 5: in the next step you can actually edit the image and share it directly with anyone

These instructions are for phones with the stock version of Android, such as the Google Pixel. In case you have a Samsung, OnePlus phone, or some other manufacturer, your steps may differ ever so slightly.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on OnePlus Phones

OnePlus has provided an option to take scrolling screenshots right inside OxygenOS to make things easier. Here’s how you can take scrolling screenshots on your OnePlus smartphone.

  • Use the usual button combination (Power + Volume down) or 3 finger swipe to capture a screenshot.
  • On the bottom right corner, you’ll see a thumbnail of your screenshot with a button below it called Expanded Screenshot.
  • Tap on it. The content on your screen will automatically start scrolling down. Once you’ve reached the desired point, touch the screen to stop capturing.
  • That’s it, your scrolling screenshot is now captured and ready to be shared.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Phones

Like Oneplus phones, Samsung OneUI comes with a built-in tool to help you take scrolling screenshots. Here is how you can use it.

  • Use the usual button combination (Power + Volume down) or 3 finger swipe to capture a screenshot.
  • You’ll now see a bar at the bottom of your screen with multiple options. Among the options is a button with two downward arrows. Tap on it.
  • The content on your screen will start scrolling down. Tap and hold the double-arrow icon till you reach the desired point. Once you’ve reached the end, let go of the icon.
  • That’s it, your scrolling screenshot is now captured.

Scrolling Screenshots using a Third-party App

The above-explained method works only for android 12 and above only. Buy don’t worry Android 11 or lover are not left out either.

There are plenty of third-party apps you can download to grab scrolling screenshots, and the one we recommend is called ScreenMaster

ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup
ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup
Scrolling Screenshots in Android

This app does its task beautifully with tons of other features alongside. Once you take a screenshot you have to drag the image length in the vertical direction to take a scrolling screenshot. This app is free to use as long as you don’t want automatic scrolling.

Take a Scrolling Screenshot on the webpage on Google Chrome

Scrolling Screenshots in Android

Step 1: Go to google chrome and tap on the 3dot icon at the top right corner

Step 2: Next tap on share and there you can see a long screenshot option

Step 3: Tap on the long screenshot and then you can extend the area of the replacement in the vertical direction as long as you want.

Step 4: In the next step you’ll get an option to crop, add text & or write something on the screenshot. This is the new feature that has been added in the latest update.

Final Words

So that’s how easy it is to take Scrolling Screenshots in Android. Every device has this setting which varies a little bit. We have discussed the settings of the popular devices but if you think you have missed out then you can always leave a comment below.

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