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How to securely transfer files over the internet

The Internet is the most insecure way to transfer files. You must have heard of the data breach news all around the world. Even big corporates are not being spared by these data breaches. If your data has not been stolen yet that doesn’t mean that you are safe. If you use email, set a strong password on it, and expect no security problems, you’re wrong.

So if you have very sensitive data that needs to be shared securely then must read this article.

WebWormHole is a free service that creates a tunnel for sending files. So files are transferred from one PC to another without third-party services. There is no server in between so your files are not going through any third-party platform.

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How to securely transfer files

securely transfer files
  1. Go to the WebWormHole and then select a name or just press CREATE WORMHOLE.
securely transfer files

2. On the next page you will be presented with a customized QR code with remains valid for a certain period of time.

3. New open your smartphone camera and scan this code. This QR code contains an URL that leads you to the file upload page.

securely transfer files

4. It will take some time to connect and then you can start sending any file by pressing the open or save button.

5. As soon as you select any file, the file download option will appear in your PC or system.

6. You can send the as long file as you can

So this is one of the most secure ways to transfer files over the internet. securely transfer files using this method can guarantee that your data is safe. There is no middle man here your data is directly reaching the potential usual and it is secure through tunneling so no one can see what is getting transferred.

Even if we try our maximum effort to safeguard our data but still chances of breaches that you cannot avoid.

Because there is no lock made in this world which can’t is broken by thief

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