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[Solution 100%]WhatsApp create channel not showing in WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp create channel not showing

What is Whatsapp Channel ?

WhatsApp is most popular messaging service in the world right now. After get inspired by the closest competitor Telegram, WhatsApp also has introduced the channel feature. Channel is a broadcast service where unlimited members can join a channel and become part of a common broadcast. A channel is very different from group, where users privacy was major concern. But in channel no one can see the user contacts, not even admin of the channel.

Channel is very beneficial tool for small and big business and influencers. They can easily reach out to their customer or audience for business and information purposes.

How to get WhatsApp channel create button?

Although WhatsApp has introduced the channel feature in the recent update but even after updating, the option to create channel is not available for everyone. The unavailability of the ‘Create Channel’ option in WhatsApp is attributed to specific reasons determined by WhatsApp’s design and features. WhatsApp is rolling out this feature gradually, so not everyone has access to it right away.

WhatsApp has adapted its platform to put an emphasis on private and direct communication between people or smaller groups, in contrast to other platforms like Telegram that promote public channels for broadcasting messages to a wider audience.

Steps to fix:-

Step 1: Update the WhatsApp to the latest version

Step 2: If the channel create option doesn’t come then wait for 3 days.

Step 3: Restart your device

Step 4: Clear Whatsapp cache

Step 5: Uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp. Make sure you have backed up your whatsapp to avoid data loss.

If all the above steps doesn’t work then it means that the Whatsapp has not rolled up the feature update for you.

So the final and the last chance for you is to join the waitlist to be notified when WhatsApp Channels is available to you.

You can join the waitlist from here 👇👇

Also in case you want to get the latest update early then join the WhatsApp beta program.

Final words

WhatsApp has introduce the channel feature but there is lot of feature update which must be integrated to be beneficial for better integration for a business or influencing. Till then Telegram would be the most preferred channel broadcast platform. We all have a very great hope from WhatsApp as most of the active users are Whatsapp users.

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